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MKII questions

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i live in Italy and theres a 1990 golf GTI 1.8 for sale down the road now the owner is saying it has 136PS (same as HP so im told) but i cant find this particular model on the internet (1.8 making 136hp) now im guessing it has something to do with american vs euro models but i want to be sure this guy isnt trying to BS his way into a sale...
ive found a 2.0L making about the same power... and a 1.8L making 100hp but thats it...
any info at all would be helpful... and do you know of a site where i could get euro specs on VW's for future reference...
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Re: MKII questions (The Brodie)

i dont see how any stock 8v would have 136hp, im not used to ps so maybe its not the same.
Re: MKII questions (8vgtiofdoom)

well if it is a 90 GTI it is probably not an 8v... it is probably the 16v which I think came with 115-120, and the 2.0 16v came with 135. But not the 1.8
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thanx guys... i'll see whats up when i pop the hood
Re: (The Brodie)

1.8l 16v had 123bhp stock
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