I am in Northern California and could potentially drive it to you depending on your location. PM me for specifics if you're interested. Below are links to some pictures I took today, as well as a couple of videos of it running. Without further ado:

The Good:
-I am the second owner, clean title, no accidents. I have pretty much every document/receipt/etc from the first owner and everything I did to it as well. Included in the pictures below is a spreadsheet that lists out most of the maintenance performed as well as all of the oil changes.

-New engine, clutch, single mass flywheel, and a lot of small parts were installed a few thousand miles ago. This would make an excellent track car and is pretty much ready to go. Slap a bigger turbo/intercooler on there and some performance suspension and it would be even better. Runs great and is a blast to drive as is.

-Drilled/Slotted Rotors and performance brake pads installed 8k miles ago, new tires about 12k miles ago.

-Comes with original owners handbook, a spare tire, removeable tow hook, etc. Pretty much everything it came with from the factory.

-Brand new battery

- Been in California it's whole life, so no rust at all or any damage to the frame/underside

-K&N air filter, but also comes with stock airbox and SAI hose that is easy to swap back in if you need to pass smog.

-All the windows and electronics work, including the sun roof.

-All plastic engine coverings are there and in good shape. A few of the pictures/videos may show it without them but that was just to show the engine better

-Recaro racing seats (with side airbags) in excellent condition. Rear seats also in excellent condition.

-Comes with a car cover, an oil change's worth of full synthetic European blend oil, and VW specific sockets to change the transmission fluid.

-Put on a new front lip/lower valence/whatever you want to call it a few years ago since they get scraped up pretty easily with the height of the car.

-First owner was an older guy who took very good care of the car. I was younger when I got it, but stayed on top of the maintenance and have driven it like a grandma since putting in the new engine/clutch. Since July of last year it has stayed covered in a friends hangar. Did an oil change before storing it, as well as topping off the fuel and adding fuel stabilizer. Started it up and ran it for ~15 minutes once a month since then.

-No CEL or stored/pending codes.

Which brings us to:

The Not So Good:
-First and foremost, the exterior. The paint is in ok shape, never been in an accident or even a fender bender, but there are plenty of small scratches and discoloration. And the two front quarter panels are painted a slightly different color black than stock. When I was younger and dumber, I wanted to repaint the lower lip of the car, since it was constantly getting scraped on curbs since the car is pretty low. So I went to autozone and bought black paint, because I have a black car. Did not realize there were things called "paint codes." got up to the quarter panels before I realized the difference in color. Front lip has been replaced since then, but the off-color black panels remain. No damage has been done to them, and it was not in a wreck, just put the wrong color black on em.

-Passenger door does not unlock with the key fob and needs to be unlocked from the inside.

-Smells like crayons. But you'd be hard pressed to find a MKIV that doesn't.

-Rims are scratched up a bit around the edges. Hard to tell from 15-20ft away, but pretty obvious up close.

Mechanically it is in great shape. Definitely not the prettiest GLI out there, but if you want a cheap, fast track car that is primed and ready to run tons of boost through a new engine, this is the one for you.

Here are the pictures. PM me if you want to see anything else in particular.