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MkIV How-To, DIY & FAQ (Wheel/Bodykit Links) -- New Users Please Read

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New User Guide to the MKIV Forum - Good resource for old and new alike. Includes search tips, forum tips, general Vortex frequently asked questions, etc. New users - please read before posting.

FAQ Section
DIY Sections:
Appearance & Body

The Wheel Thread
The Body Kit Thread
Vortex Faces & Cars Thread

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Frequently Asked/Answered Questions

Wheels and Tires
Wheel Database - David Cretney
Problem: Pitting Wolfsburg wheels here - pooz01wolfsburg
Peeling wheels petition for MKIV VW's - SilverGTi01
Wheel Weights - leftcoastvw
FAQ-Wheel Tech
FAQ-Tire Tech
Wheel Bolt Pattern and Offset - Weapon-MKIV
Stock tire sizes (recommend to keep speedometer as accurate as possible)
195/65-15 (15's will not fit r32s 337s, 1.8t GLIs, or 20AEs)
205/55-16 (16's will not fit r32s)
Read before lowering your car
What is a swaybar and what does it do? - Daemon42
Suspension Tuning
How to Change Transmission Fluid - with pics 4/15/04
Brake Forum
Brake Upgrade Kits for MK4 Platform - eggroller
Lighting FAQ
Bulb List
What Bulbs do you need?
Where can I find 12 to 10 pin adapter for OEM HIDS
How do I adjust my headlights
Fuel & Oil related
DIY Writeup: Fuel Filter Replacement 4_09_04
Oil that meets VW's 502.00 Requirement
1.8t FAQ
Which Chip for the 1.8t? - 18turbo.com
Aftermarket Foglights for the 1.8T
Blow-Off-Valve VS. Diverter Valve
12v VR6 FAQ - Boost Inside & need_a_VR6
The mysterious VR6
Which Chip for the VR6? - NeoJetta
What epoxy should I use to repair my coilpack? - Fantomasz
What is rattling under the hood/what's up with the intake manifold? - adg44
TDI FAQ - Deception
2.0l FAQ
My 2.0 Burns Oil/ Excessive Oil Consumption
VW Coil Pack/Ignition Guide (all models)
Coil packs and ignition coil problems
DTC/Error codes post - ducelectronics
DTC/Error codes - nianmuzik
Body Work/Body Styling/Body Kits
Jolf and Getta Conversions
What mods won't void my warranty? - VW TANK
Jack Pads - rgrubb
Light Bulb Guide - Converted_VW
How do I jack up my car? - hungalicious
The DownShifting Debate - Ze
Cullen's OEM parts resource - Cullen
Is oil consumption normal? - jonjacob
Window Regulators
The MAF Thread - john green
How do I remove my door panel? - Jetta
How do I remove my door panel? - Golf / GTI
How do I eliminate door panel rattle?
Squeeks and rattles - Helicon Twist
Single Wiper conversion - Boostin20v
Audi A4 Avant rear wiper with working rotating rear washer - Helicon Twist
Camera Mounts - Stewz-GTI
Where to get Security Torx bits for MAF removal - VgRt6
99.5 - 2004 Paint Codes - Red Pocket Rocket
Fuse Listings
Manual HVAC Bulb replacement (climate control lights don't work, or work intermittently)
Optima RedTop Battery Install - flashback
Coolant Migration Explained - GT17V
Other FAQ's
Other FAQ Resource - mkivresource
John Abella's MK4 VW FAQ - abella
Transmissions, Syncros and Short Shift Kits - CorradoTDI
Various informative posts made by Daemon42 and linked in one place - Daemon42
Side Skirt Links - burningmoney97
Jetta body kit options and links to manufacturers - forum discussion
Grill Options for the Jetta - TurboBmaNN
What is a Bora? Bora is the European name for the Jetta. When the Jetta first cam out, it didn't do well on the market in Europe, so they renamed it to change it's image. The MKIII Jetta was the Vento, the MKIV is the Bora

What does GTI stand for? Gran Turismo Iniezione (Grand Touring Injected)
What does GLI stand for? Gran Luxe Iniezione (Grand Luxury Injected)
How do you Photoshop your pictures?

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Bolsen's Rieger Shift knob install - Bolsen
itr_hybrid's B&M short Shifter Install - itr_hybrid
Shift Knob Install for an Automatic - Apocrates
Shift knob removal and install - hungalicious
SSheikh's Headlight Switch Alteration
Audi TT Brake pedal install
Gauge Cluster Painting - NielsNV
Removal of OEM steering wheels - moclov
Shift Light Illuminated Gauges
Hillside Imports's W8 install - SoFlaJetta
W8 Overhead Console Install
W8 Overhead Console Install, additional info
Interior Makeover - nimrat
Air/Fuel Gauge Install - boraIV 4-23-2003
Removing interior parts (e-brake & center console, armrest, glovebox, ashtrays) - VgRt6 7-30-2003
Removing interior parts II (dash trim, brake light switch, radio, cupholder, radio/ HVAC cage) - VgRt6 8-5-2003
Removing rear door parts (door panel, door unlock handle and rusty triangle window insert) - VgRt67-31-2003
Replacing trunk microswitch on MKIV Jetta (may apply to Golf/GTI as well) - VgRt67-31-2003
Removing front door parts (door panel, door unlock handle and sideview mirror) - VgRt67-31-2003
Removal & Replacement of OEM Glovebox Door... - Waagenz1-13-04
Upgrade to Center Console with cupholders - fierrpawz1-28-04
All OEM Part Number you need to add Wood or Aluminum trim to your car... - GTi 1.8Turbo 30 Mar 04
Neon Trunk Light Install - Vasillalov
Neons in Footwells connected to Headlight Switch
Black Interior Trim/Headliner Thread - black2001aww
Black Headliner in-a-can - jkrewdotcom3
Removing Rear Seats - Roger Moore
Removing Front Seats 1 - BoraSport
Removing Front Seats 2
Removing Rear Deck - Bumpin1ohm
Aluminum door sills for $25 - 2002silverbullet
Door Lock Module DIY (problems with door locks, alarm arming, etc) - VgRt6
Manual HVAC Bulb replacement (climate control lights don't work, or work intermittently)
CLIMATRONIC Swap (manual- automatic HVAC) feasibility and Search
Boost Gauge Install

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*Notice - The process for lowering any MKIV platform car is fundamentally the same. Therefore it does not matter if you are installing just springs, a cup kit, or full coilovers, a DIY for any type of suspension install will apply.
Read before lowering your car
Shine Real Street Suspension install - 3WheelinWolf
Front Swaybar install
AutoTech Rear Swaybar Install
Neuspeed Rear Swaybar install
Autotech upper stressbar install
Autotech Lower Stressbar install
Shock and spring install
H&R Coilover Install - noahlh
Spring install
Roger Moore's Pss9 CoilOver Install - Roger Moore
Roger Moore's TT Brake install - Roger Moore
Replacing and/or lubricating the front sway bar bushings on a MKIV Jetta/Golf/GTI - VgRt6 8_19
Replacing the Dog Bone (Rear engine/tranny) mount and bushings - Vasillalov
Neuspeed upper strut bar install - nirav

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