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MkV Forum FAQ and DIY Thread- Bigger and Better for 2006!

Welcome to the MkV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Do It Yourself (DIY) Thread!This thread has step-by-step process write-ups, links to helpful sites, and useful threads pertaining to many of the most commonly-asked questions here in the MkV Forum. This thread should be used in conjunction with the MkV Forum New Member Information Thread which deals with common questions about the forums and the forum software.

Don't forget our Technical Forums that are broken down into more specific sections like interior, car audio and electronics, specific engines, transmissions etc.

If you have anything that you would like to contribute to this list, or to report broken links, please use the "report post" function, denoted by the triangle with an exclamation point at the foot of each post in a thread. Feedback is appreciated!

To search within this thread, please press Control F or Apple F on your keyboard. Just because nothing is returned does not mean that it is not here as your search term may not be used in the description. Many items and issues may fit into all categories, so it is best to spend a couple minutes looking through the whole thread.
Each section is broken into two subsections (if applicable). FAQ subsections are headed in green and DIY subsections are headed in blue. Below is a list of each section. Clicking the section title will take you directly to that section. Once you are in that section, you should find both FAQ topics and DIY topics (if applicable).


General Information- General model information, pricing and options, and anything else that doesn't "fit" into another category.
Part Numbers- Listing of part numbers for OEM parts.
2.5L Inline5 Engine- For all things relating to the 2.5L engine found in the Jetta and Golf.
1.9L TDI Engine- For all things relating to the 1.9L TDI Engine found in the Jetta.
2.0T FSI Engine- For all things relating to the 2.0T FSI Engine found in the Jetta, GLI, and GTI.
Transmission- Five and six-speed manuals, six-speed automatic Tiptronic, six-speed DSG.
Suspension- Springs, shocks, cup kits, coilovers, assorted stabilizer bars.
Brakes- For all things brake-related.
Wheel and Tire- For all things concerning wheels and tires, both OEM and aftermarket.
Interior- Seats, trim kits, custom fabrication, etc.
Car Audio and Electronics- In-car entertainment, headunits, speakers, etc.
Lighting- Headlamps, taillamps, and any lighting in between.
Exterior- Color threads, body styling, paintwork, etc.
VagCom- For all things regarding the Ross-Tech VagCom device and its use within the MkV platform.

Disclaimer: These are simply a collections of links posted on the MkV forum. As quoted on the user agreement, "VWvortex does not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and is not responsible for the contents of any message." Only you are responsible for modifications performed to your vehicle.
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Part Number FAQ

Door Electronics Info with part numbers for common door/side view mirror mods - rickerbr
Bag Hook- Flip-down "bag hook" for Jetta: 6Y5 867 615 B41
Bottle Opener- Aluminum VW-logo bottle opener: 1K0 858 230
Bracket- OEM Europlate for front of Jetta: 1KO 807 285 B 9B9
Brake Pads- GLI/ GTI- Front:3C0 698 151 A
Brake Pads- GLI/ GTI- Rear: 1K0 698 451 F
Brake Rotors- GLI/ GTI- Front: 1K0 615 301 AA
Brake Rotors- GLI/ GTI- Rear: 1K0 615 601 M
Cup Holder- European, Anthracite: 1K0 862 531 A 71N
Dash Cubby- Bin for top and center of dash: 1K0 857 921 C 1QB
Dash Cubby- Sensor for Climatronic cars: 1K0 858 167 9B9
Dash Kit for Aftermarket Radio- OEM kit for installation of single-DIN aftermarket unit: 1K0 857 058 3X1
Floor Mats- Monster, Replacement Clips (ALL): Assorted Numbers
Floor Mats- Monster, GLI: 1K1 061 551 H 041
Floor Mats- Monster, GTI: 1K1 061 550 H 041
Floor Mats- Monster, Rabbit: 1K1 061 553 H 041
Foglamp- Housing Projector Style, Left: 1T0 941 699B
Foglamp- Housing Projector Style, Right: 1T0 941 700B
Foglamp- Housing Reflector Style, Left: 1K0 941 699C
Foglamp- Housing Reflector Style, Right: 1K0 941 700C
Grille- GLI black "shield" w/ red stripe: 1K0 853 653 B VW8
Headlamp Switch- European, Auto w/ rear fog: 1K0 941 431 REH
Headlamp Switch- European, Auto w/ front & rear fog: 1K0 941 431A REH
Headlamp Switch- European, w/ rear fog: 1K0 941 431B REH
Headlamp Switch- European, w/ front & rear fog: 1K0 941 431C REH
Headunit- Navigation, MFD2: 1K0 035 197 C
Rubstrips- four-door, LF Satin Black: 1K4 853 515 B 9B9
Rubstrips- four-door, RF Satin Black: 1K4 853 516 B 9B9
Rubstrips- four-door, LF Primer: 1K4 853 515 C GRU
Rubstrips- four-door, RF Primer: 1K4 853 516 C GRU
Rubstrips- four-door, LR Satin Black: 1K4 853 753 9B9
Rubstrips- four-door, RR Satin Black: 1K4 853 754 9B9
Rubstrips- four-door, LR Primer: 1K4 853 753 A GRU
Rubstrips- four-door, RR Primer: 1K4 853 754 A GRU
Sideskirt- GLI LH: 1K5-853-859-A-9B9
Sideskirt- GLI RH: 1K5-853-860-A-9B9
Sideskirt Retainer- GLI LH: 1K0-853-543
Sideskirt Retainer- GLI RH: 1K0-853-544
Spoiler- GLI Lower Front: 1K0 805 903 B 9B9
Spoiler- GLI Lower Rear: 1K5 807 521 B 9B9
Spoiler- European GTI Lower Front, main: 1K0 805 903 D
Spoiler- European GTI Lower front, "splitter": 1K0 801 110
Spoiler Reflectors- GLI Lower Rear Left: 1K5 945 105 B
Spoiler Reflectors- GLI Lower Rear Right: 1K5 945 106 B
Springs- European GTI 2D Front: 1K0 411 105 GK
Springs- European GTI 2D Rear: 1K0 511 115 EB
Springs Bumpstops- European GTI 2D Front: 1K0 511 353 N
Springs Bumpstops- European GTI 2D Rear: 1K0 412 303 F
Trunk Lip- Jetta, unpainted: 1KM 071 640 U 9AX
Trunk Lip- Jetta, painted: 1KM 071 640 DS
Windshield Washer Solvent- VW Brand: ZVW 177 101
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1.9L TDI Engine FAQ
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1.9L TDI Engine DIY

Modified by BRM10984 at 11:54 AM 1-9-2006

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Suspension FAQ

OEM MKV Spring Color Codes Thread

Technical Discussion of MkV Suspension Geometry and Handling Characteristics

The Official MkV Golf/Jetta Aftermarket Lowering Spring/Coilover Guide -KIDVersion 1- A comprehensive list of the most common lowering springs and coilovers

The Official MkV Golf/Jetta Aftermarket Anti-Sway Bar Guide - KIDVersion1- A comprehensive thread dedicated to sway bar information
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Suspension DIY

MkV Suspension Install- Scuba2001

Koni Coilover Install DIY- x09rawker

H&R Ultralow Coiliver Install- ShadowWabbit

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Interior FAQ

What does the snowflake beside my temperature reading on my MFD mean?
Can I adjust the Fuel Economy (MPG) Computer Display?
What parts are necessary for installing the under-seat storage drawer as seen in the European Golf?
List of all Available Interior Trim Finishes for MkV Cars
Bolt Specification for Seat Rails
What does each icon in the instrument cluster represent?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Interior DIY

How to DIY carbon fiber to interior trim pieces - phxgli
Single stalk cruise control retrofit DIY - maloosheck
DIY: Touareg door handle lights on mk5 - basti-FSI
Rabbit / GTI Seat Swap DIY - JonnyKuhns
Underseat Storage Drawer Instalation DIY - Hillside Imports
Multi-Function Steering Wheel Retrofit- the.ronin
Euro Cup Holder Installation- the.ronin
Door removal DIY (the interior door-cards)- AirmanPika
DIY Cabin Pollen Filter Install- aychseven
Installing European Cup Holder- [email protected]
Installing Homelink Sun Visor- kwstatino
Installing Dash Cubby (under headlight switch)- scotaku
Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror Install- quailallstar
Replacing Stock Shift Knob (manual- OSIR Design knob used)- Fast Eddie GTI
Removing Rear Seats in Jetta and Rabbit (semi-DIY)- FUZE
Installing GLI monster mats - thread
Removing Rear Seats- Jetta and Rabbit- JettaDude101
Garage Door Opener Remote Control Switch D.I.Y.- FUZE
Center console/armrest retrofit- dustytops
Interior Trim Removal and Replacement- Green Hare
DIY/FAQ: Trunk / Hatch Interior Trim [Partial] Removal - bhb399mm
High-Line Instrument Cluster- maloosheck
Audi A3 DSG Shift Knob Install for non-DSG Automatic Cars- akdakota
Dome Light installation - Changing Dome Light bulbs - Earlskey
Painting Door Grab Handles - sphak
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Interior DIY: Rattle Abatement

Overhead Console Rattle Fix DIY - 07MY- HoneyNutz
Overhead Console Rattle Fix DIY - 06MY- freezermink
Center Air Diffuser Rattle Fix DIY- jzero23
Door Panel Rattle Fix DIY- RobNC

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Car Audio and Electronics FAQ
Schematics for all MkV headunits and antennas.
Why does the phone button on my steering wheel not work? I thought I had Bluetooth!
Could I buy some parts and get the phone button (Bluetooth) working in my car?
How to the the phone button (Bluetooth) on MkVs to work with a Parrot CK3000
What can the display of my "Premium Six" MkV headunit look like?
What all the fuses go to
What is necessary to get the alarm arming "chirp" rather thank the "honk"? (ongoing findings)
DIY/FAQ: Adding Additional 12v Power (Cigarette Lighter) Plug in Rear Hatch / Trunk
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Car Audio and Electronics DIY
Vokl-L Bluetooth Module DIY - lamune
Alarm module swap (from honk to chirp) - veedubtek
DIY: hi-line cluster retrofit - maloosheck
OEM Bluetooth DIY - mdonis
Quick DEI 508D Motion Sensor DYI - M3Tech
Highline CECM Swap - the.ronin
How to make your phone button work: Parrot CK3100 + SW100C install with video! - avixe

How to remove the Satellite radio box out of the Jetta trunk (non mounting bracket) - Mad_Max
Climatronic Speed Reading (complete list of codes on page 2)- SpoolinFSI
Amp and Subwoofer Install- blackvento36
Satellite Radio Module Swap DIY (Jetta)- BillTheCat
VW iPod adapter install instructions.- PAH062567
VW iPod Adapter Install- 4string
Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth Install DIY- pbrlic
Installing iPod Armrest Console in Vechile w/ Standard Console- quailallstar
Adding the rain sensor- bigbot45
Hardwiring a radar detector- randomtask
AUX adapter install on 6-indash / SAT radio- overheadcam
Another single DIN install DIY- PDong
Phat Noise Install DIY
Service Indicator Reset DIY
GTI Sub Amp and LOC Installation, Parts 1, 2 and 3 - 2litrebully
Pioneer AVIC-Z2 install DIY - matt23

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Lighting FAQ
MkV Euroswitch FAQ Thread
What use does the halogen inner headlamp on MkV HID units have?
What is the L/R Parking Light Feature?
What taillamps are available for the Golf V?
Why you should not put HIDs into a reflector housing not designed for them.
When my car is off and I hit the turn signal indicator why do half of my parking lights come on?
What bulbs are in the fogs and city lights?
Bulb inventory for MkV (inlcudes HIDs)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lighting DIY
DIY: DynaBeams Workaround- the.ronin
Foglights Retrofit (CECM Method)- the.ronin
European Jetta LED Taillamp Install- US Passat (all red) Style- thread
European Jetta LED Taillamp Install- European (amber signals) Style- thread
GTI/R32 LED taillight install- jimb
European .:R32 Taillamp Install- Amber Signal Style- 4string
Enabling Rear Fog on Jettas- thread
Enabling European Parking Lamp Feature on Rabbit/ Golf GTI- quailallstar
Enabling Auxiliary Halogen Headlamps w/ Highbeam Headlamps on HID-equipped MkV Cars- rickerbr
OEM Bi-Xenon Headlight Install- DimiK
Bumper Sidemarker Install- IchBinDarren
Changing MkV Foglight Bulbs- John A
Another Bumper Sidemarker Install DIY- John A
OEM Foglamp Wiring Install- mobiledaveb
Adding Footwell Lighting to a Vehicle w/o Footwell Lighting- malooscheck
Installing LED bulbs for license plate lights- blackvento36
Fix for Squirrel Hunting High Beams -- Thanks to a TDIclub member- TDI-4-RD
City Light Bulb Install- SnowboarderX216
Amber Foglamp Modification- Team Freddy
Replacing Front and Rear Dome Lights- dubbunny
Diagram Description of Wiring Changes to Add HID to Halogen-OEM Cars- maloosheck
Installation/ Replacement of Mirror Turn Signals- domscarff
.:: DIY : MK5 Joey Mod ::. - dlo5
Aiming Halogen Reflector Headlamps- Hi and Low Indepenently - TDIClub forum member

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Exterior FAQ

Window Tint Registry (All A5 cars)
Photos of Jettas with chrome trim removed.
Pictorial representation of differences between stock Rabbit and GTI rear lower skirts.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Exterior DIY

B-Pillar Trim Removal - koosh-m
Window Trim Swap - maloosheck
Front Bumper Removal DIY - OleH
Rear Jetta Bumper Removal DIY = aero_eng16
DIY Badgless Honeycomb Grille - steffenme1
Removing GTI/ GLI Front Grille Emblem- VrstewartW
Aspherical Mirror Install
How to Detail your Exterior- Thread
How to Repair Chips and Scratches
How to Two Tone Paint your Front Emblem- gee tea eye V
DIY - Passenger Side Door Skin Removal- edisonr
Golf GT Grille Install DIY- bit_boy
Painting Lower Valences, with smooth texture DIY- IKE20VA4
R-line Foglight Grill DIY- kv12
DIY: Detailed R32 rear bumper cover installation on to a GTI- 83Caddy16v
Windshield Wiper Linkage Repair- poynter
Wiper Insert Replacement- $$Rich$$
Wiper Arm Shutter Fix KIDVersion 1
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Color Registries

Format: Color Name [Color Code] (Years color is/was used)


Black Magic Golf GTI [LC9Z] (MY06-MY09)
Candy White Golf GTI [LB9A] (MY06-MY08)
Reflex Silver Golf GTI [LA7W] (MY06-MY09)
Tornado Red Golf GTI [LY3D] (MY06-MY09)
United Gray Golf GTI [LA7T] (MY06-MY09)

GOLF .:R32

Candy White Golf .:R32 [LB9A] (MY08)
Deep Blue Pearl Golf .:R32 [LB5R] (MY08)
Tornado Red Golf .:R32 [LY3D] (MY08)
United Gray Golf .:R32 [LA7T] (MY08)


Black Uni Rabbit [L041] (MY06-MY09)
Candy White Rabbit [LB9A] (MY07-MY09)
Reflex Silver Rabbit [LA7W] (MY06-MY09)
Sage Green Rabbit [LA6Q] (MY06-MY08)
Shadow Blue Rabbit [LD5Q] (MY06-MY08)
Tornado Red Rabbit [LY3D] (MY07-MY09)
United Gray Rabbit [LA7T] (MY07-MY09)


Campanella White Jetta GLI [LR9A] (MY07-MY08)
Candy White Jetta GLI [LB9A] (MY09)
Deep Black Jetta GLI [LC9X] (MY06-MY09)
Laser Blue Jetta GLI [LC5J] (MY08-MY09)
Platinum Gray Jetta GLI [LD7X] (MY06-MY09)
Reflex Silver Jetta GLI [LA7W] (MY06-MY08)
Salsa Red Jetta GLI [LA3H] (MY06-MY09)
Shadow Blue Jetta GLI [LD5Q] (MY06)


Arctic Blue Jetta [xxxx] (MY05)
Black Uni Jetta [L041] (MY05-MY09)
Blue Graphite Jetta [LC5F] (MY05-MY09)
Campanella White Jetta [LR9A] (MY05-MY08)
Candy White Jetta [LB9A] (MY09)
Laser Blue Jetta [LC5J] (MY08-MY09)
North Sea Green Jetta [LA6R] (MY06-MY07)
Platinum Gray Jetta [LD7X] (MY05-MY09)
Reflex Silver Jetta [LA7W] (MY05-MY09)
Salsa Red Jetta [LA3H] (MY07-MY09)
Shadow Blue Jetta [LD5Q] (MY06-MY07)
Spice Red Jetta [LA3W] (MY06)
Wheat Beige Jetta [LD1W] (MY05-MY07)


Black Uni Jetta SportWagen [L041] (MY09)
Blue Graphite Jetta SportWagen [LC5F] (MY09)
Candy White Jetta SportWagen [LB9A] (MY09)
Laser Blue Jetta SportWagen [LC5J] (MY09)
Platinum Gray Jetta SportWagen [LD7X] (MY09)
Reflex Silver Jetta SportWagen[LA7W] (MY09)
Salsa Red Jetta SportWagen [LA3H] (MY09)


Imola Yellow Fahrenheit GLI [LY1C] (MY07)
Magma Orange Fahrenheit GTI [LD2C] (MY07)

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