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I have a 2009 Reflex Silver MKV Jetta Sportwagen with a 2.8 24V VR6 Swap (MKIV) 5MT. Currently at just under 111k on the body (and I think the motor is about 20k less miles). Regular black leather interior

Asking: $13,000 USD OBO
Location: Queens, NY

Backstory: Car is originally from Vancouver, Canada (so gauges are in KM/H). Original owner had a 2.5 in it, went BT, blew up the motor and then decided to swap in the MKIV VR. He sold it to his friend who moved to Toronto, and then Connecticut. Previous owner got it titled in CT. Then I bought it and got it registered and titled in NYC. Passes legit NYC inspection! NY Inspection good until 9/19

MKIV 2.8 24V VR6 mated to a MKIV Trans (No tune as far as I'm aware) and trunk mounted battery but MKV R32 style front posts
MKV R32 Brakes front and rear with speed bleeders installed and SS brake lines
Bilstein PSS9 Coil overs (could probably use a refresh/rebuild)
034 Motorsports Rear Sway Bar
MKVI Headunit and screen protector. Panavise phone mount with magnetic mount. Wired up for factory bluetooth (can't get this to work right) and also RVC (but you'll need a new hatch because the MKV and MKVI hatch handle areas are different...vw...go figure)
Enfig high-low convertor and a set of RCAs run to the rear
80%(? forget exact amount but very light) ceramic tint all around, including the windshield and sunroofs, except the rear tail gate which has like 20% tint already on it. Would've gotten ceramic on the rear, but never got around to getting the MKVI hatch I wanted for RVC
Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 Wheels in Anthracite 18x8 et45 CB 57.1 with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ 225/40/18 (about 3k on them)
Projector fogs (from eBay I think, but still look good) with HID bulbs
eBay hella halogen projector headlights, now swapped with E46-R Bi-Xenon and supporting Morimoto Ballasts/bulbs
New AC Compressor 7/18
deAutoKey LED brake, turn, and reverse bulbs. LED interior lights
BFI Weighted shift knob

Some of the bads:
Paint has some scratches here and there, could probably get most out with a good detail, but there’s a deeper scratch on the rear hatch by the emblem
Rear was hit in a parking lot: PO had a bike hitch on it that was pushed into the bumper (where I put the band-aid sticker on)
PO had spaced out the rear a little too much and chipped away paint on the rear quarters. I have since sanded it, primed, and painted over it, but not a professional job. I used dupli-color color match reflex silver. I put a lot of extra clear, so could just get wet sanded down and be fine. Don’t even notice it at 5-10 feet
Coil overs could probably use a refresh/rebuild
Might need a new clutch slave (going from a stop isn’t super grabby, but fine when going into other gears and no slipping)
If you run the VIN, it might say mileage discrepancy because I forgot to switch back to kilometers before they did their readings or forgot when I just gave up and let it read miles [3VWTM81K29M252596]

I can also sell in the wheels I got them with if interested. Not exactly sure what they’re off of, but they might be a Euro R thing? 3C0 071 498 A. 18x8 et44. Some china Winter Claw snow tires currently mounted on them

Selling because I'm trying to move and don't need 3 cars (and a motorcycle)




But if you look at the first photos, you don't even notice it at 5-10 feet. Did this mainly to protect it from rusting more
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