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Hi All

I've moved on from my 2008 MKV Rabbit, and in doing so left all the aftermarket parts on the car. I have a fair amount of stock parts remaining in my garage that I would like to offload. Most parts are in fine working order, and I'm willing to let them go at extremely reasonable prices. I would like to keep full assemblies together whenever possible (suspension parts, shifter parts, air intake parts, etc.). I will be extremely fair on prices in order to move full assemblies. Shipping costs will be paid by the buyer, but if a lot of parts are being sold in a single transaction we can work out a cost-split. Please see the parts list below, with part numbers listed. If parts numbers were not available, I've done my best to pull numbers from vwpartsdepartment.com . These are for informational purposes only and are not necessarily correct. I'm happy to more closely inspect any given part if there is interest and confirm the part number.

Pics available upon request :)

Thanks for looking!!

Front Struts (2) 1T0413031FM
Front Coil Springs (2) 1K0411105BD
Front Suspension Bellows (2) 6N0413175A
Front Suspension Bumpers (2) 1K0412303B
Front Suspension Stabilizer Link (2) 1K0411315J
Front Suspension Bearing (2) 1K0412249B

Rear Shock Absorbers (2) 1K0513029FA
Rear Shock Absorber Bellows (2) 1K0513425A
Rear Suspension Bumpers (2) 1K0511353M
Rear Coil Spring Left 1K0511115BC
Rear Coil Spring Right 1K0511115BD
Rear Coil Spring Seats (2) 1K0512297D

Control Arm Support Bracket (2) 1K0512297D

Rear Suspension Stabilizer Bar Bushing (2) 1K0511327AS
Rear Stabilizer Bar Suspension Link (2) 1K0505465L
Rear Stabilizer Bar Suspension Link 1K0505465K
Rear Stabilizer Bar Suspension Link

Radio Antenna Mast 1J0035849E
Radio Antenna Base 1K0035501A

Screwdriver 1J0012255

Console Compartment (w/Ipod Adapter) 1K0857925E

Air Duct Rear 1K0805965C
Air Intake Hose (Front) 1K0805971C
Air Intake Inlet Duct (Front) 1K0805962C
Air Intake Hose (Engine) 07K129684B
Air Intake Hose (Engine) 1K0129618AD

Air Filter and Housing Assembly (Engine Cover) 07K129607E

Back Glass Wiper Blade (Rear) 6Q6955425A
Back Glass Wiper Arm (Rear) 6Q6955707C
Back Glass Wiper Arm Cap 6Q6955435D
Back Glass Wiper Motor (Rear) 1K6955711C

Euro Floor Mats (Full Set - Never Used) 1K1061272PBRYJ
Euro Floor Mats (Rear Only - Light Use) 1K1061272PBRYJ

Cargo Cover 1K6867769F2BD
Trunk Floor Access Cover (Rear) 5K6863463A1BS
Truck Floor Storage Box (Right) 1K6858858C
Truck Floor Storage Box (Left - small indentations to fit coilover wrenches) 1K6858857B

Door Mirror Cover (Rear, Lower - Sage Green) 1K0857537
Door Mirror Cover (Rear, Lower - Sage Green) 1K0857538
Turn Signal Light Lamp 1K0949101
Turn Signal Light Lamp 1K0949102

Battery Cover (Upper) 1K0915443C
Battery Cover (Right Side Trim) 3C0915336A
Battery Cover (Left Side Trim) 3C0915335
Battery Cover (Surround) 1K0915418J

Hood Seal (Rear) 1J0823723

Shifter Lever 1K0711051M
Shifter Lever 1K0711203B
Shifter Lever 150711751B

Dogbone Mount 1K0199855AE
Manual Transmission Mount 1K0199555N
Engine Mount 1K0199262BC

2008 Vw Rabbit
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Still have rear wiper assembly for sale?

I bought my rabbit in March and the rear wiper was seized in the middle of the window. I removed the wiper arm til I get it repaired, however the arm broke in the process so I’d need it all.
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