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Bought a 2010 a6 with MMI 3g high HDD. The system was restored to factory before I bought it, why idk. I couldn't find any of the US software online so I opted for the EU and updated to HNAV_EU_K0257_6_D1. After the update I'm having an issue where I don't see any words on the screen.

I can see radio station names and anything I've imported as it all has metadata attached. But if I click on car it pops up with the drop-down boxes and that's it, I can't see what each menu option does. I can't see what any of the keys around the joystick do, the words are not on the screen. I thought maybe just the language needed to be set after updating so I set it to English and it still won't work.

Does anyone have any ideas? Also does anyone know where I might be able to find US software so I don't have to use EU software?
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