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Re: Mod ability issues with cars FWD AWD RWD (RocketVR6)

If you're going to go AWD, you must get either:
1)1991 Audi 200 quattro
2)1992-94 Audi S4
3)1995 Audi S6
These are the Audis with the 20v turbo. This engine has the potential to get near 750hp without changing any engine internals. Not only that, but $3000 can get you over 400hp. The drivetrain, turbos, everything mechanical is top quality and won't break if you keep up on the maintainence. These cars are the european Toyota Supra TT (but with AWD).
I would not recommend any of the DSM AWD turbos (Talon, Eclipse) because these cars weren't built nearly as well. My stepbrother had a Talon TSi (1991) and went through a new turbo, a new center diff, and a new head to the engine before he finally sold it after a year. The 3000GT (and Stealth RT) suffer much the same problems, plus thier heavy boats.
Take it from me, you want a 20v turbo!!!
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