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Forgestar wheels are fully customizable between the set parameters of offset and color. Each wheel option has it's own set parameter of offsets, so if you have a particular offset you wanted to run, don't hesitate to ask me if it would be an available option, or you can check the guide below. These Forgestars are high quality Flow Formed wheels with the full durability of a Forged wheel, that is lightweight, and easy on the wallet. All wheels are TPMS compatible and clear OEM Calipers and Aftermarket BBK's with ease. These wheels are made to order, so if you're ready for your Forgestars, put your order in and we'll have Forgestar make them for your car.

Forgestar F14's are a classy mesh design that works on anybody style. You have options that range from 18", 19", 20" and 22" in this particular wheel. Ranges of widths can go from 8.5" wide to 12" wide depending on your fitment. Of course not all this might be applied to your Audi, but they are indeed available. Offsets are particular to the diameter of wheel you select. Here are your options depending on fitment size:

Forgestar F14 18" Wheels
18x8.5 offsets from +26 to +50
18x9.0 offsets from +20 to +55
18x9.5 offsets from +26 to +60
18x10.0 offsets from +16 to +42
18x11.0 offsets from +23 to +55
18x12.0 offsets from +36 to +68

Forgestar F14 19" Wheels
19x8.5 offsets from +26 to +48
19x9.0 offsets from +20 to +55
19x9.5 offsets from +4 to +42
19x10 offsets from +20 to +44
19x11 offsets from +23 to +55
19x12 offsets from +36 to +68

Forgestar F14 20" Wheels
20×8.5 offsets from +26 to +50
20×9.0 offsets from +18 to +56
20×9.5 offsets from +7 to +43
20×10 offsets from +31 to +69
20×10.5 offsets from +20 to +55
20×11 offsets from +48 to +81
20×12 offsets from +39 to +75

CF10's are a 10-straight spoke wheel that is aggressive, yet classy at the same time. With it's lightweight and superior design, you will see weights at 24lbs for a 20x10" wheel. Not only will this improve your car's handling by the width upgrade, but because of the lack of un-sprung weight, you can significantly increase the overall feel of the car by it's acceleration and braking.

Forgestar 19" CF10
19x8.5 offsets from +14 to +52
19x9.0 offsets from +20 to +60
19x9.5 offsets from +2 to +42
19x10 offsets from +8 to +48
19x11 offsets from +21 to +61
19x12 offsets from +34 to +74

Forgestar 20" CF10
20x8.5 offsets from +10 to +50
20x9.0 offsets from +16 to +56
20x10 offsets from +15 to +55
20x11 offsets from +28 to +68
20x12 offsets from +40 to +80

CF5's are obviously the most simplistic of the batch, only being a 5 spoke wheel, but it's also one of the strongest available. With a simple clean look, the CF5's will bring you a new look to your Audi without being too drastic, more of an OEM Plus look. With fitment ranges between 18", 19" and 20", you have a great selection between an absolute track destroying 18" wheel set, or a classy show stopping 20" set.

Forgestar CF5 18"
18x8.5 ET10 - ET50
18x9.0 ET15 - ET55
18x9.5 ET22 - ET62
18x10 ET10 - ET50
18x11 ET23 - ET63
18x12 ET36 - ET75

Forgestar CF5 19"
19x8.5 ET10 - ET50
19x9.0 ET16 - ET44
19x9.5 ET10 - ET50
19x10 ET16 - ET56
19x11 ET26 - ET69
19x12 ET42 - ET82

Forgestar CF5 20"
20x8.5 ET10 - ET50
20x9.0 ET16 - ET56
20x9.5 ET2 - ET42
20x10 ET29 - ET69
20x10.5 ET15 - ET55
20x11 ET42 - ET82
20x12 ET34 - ET74

Call in right now for the best deal on the Forgestar Wheels!!! Give me a call at 714--582-3330 ext 8011 , and ask for Eddie for the lowest pricing!!

Feel free to contact Eddie at 714-582-3330 ext 8011 if you have any questions or interest! !

Best Regards,
[email protected]

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