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One of my projects during lock down last year involved modifying a set of camber plates for the Corrado.
  • Bumped caster from 5.2 to 6.2 degrees over the prior strut mounts. More caster leads to more dynamic camber and beneficial corner weight changes. Smitty has a good video on this.
    One draw back is the steering wheel is harder to turn.
  • Raised the spring top hat as far as possible. I'm not sure if I gained anything here since I'm still running the OEM control arms and ball joints. I ended up raising the spring perches almost the amount of height that was gained in hopes of not messing up the roll center by going too low. Aiming for level control arms.
  • Replaced the eccentric strut bolts which were used to adjust the camber. These had a habit of slipping and adjustment was PITA.
  • Replaced the autotech aluminum strut bar which turned out was cracked at a weld. I can't tell if that weld was from a previous repair since the car had the strut bar when I bought.
  • One downside is this did add a 8 lbs over the old aluminum strut mounts.
Parts list
Attached are the final 3D drawings. I used oshcut.com which took about a week to cut and ship the pieces I designed. If I were to do this project again I would work on a single corner at a time. Even with the wood mockups mistakes were made and money was wasted cutting both corners. I'm also not a materials engineer so my material selection may be overkill and/or less than idea. I'm more than happy to send the 3D drawings if anyone is interested. I can't attach them to the forums. Note I drilled and countersunk the holes by hand since I wanted to reuse the holes in the strut towers. If you towers are clean I recommend modifying the drawings to add holes for the bolts.

The laser cut pieces were made of:
  • Strut tabs 3/16" steel A572, this was surprisingly heavy
  • Plates 3/8 steel A572
  • Spacer 1/4" aluminum 6061 T6
  • Ring 1/8 aluminum 7075 T6
Full album can be seen here Corrado Camber Plates I've run 5 races on the new camber plates and they've held up so far. Including an off at ~114 mphs. Turns out dry tires on hail don't work so well. I do have a new appreciation for those that design aftermarket parts.
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And the off.
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