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Moisture in my crank case Please Help.!!!!!

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Mosture in my crank case Please Help.!!!!!

G/F just got back from having her oil changed.
Mechanic told her that there's moisture leaking into
the oil and she should have it checked by the dealer
because it can seize the engine. Car is running like
a top. 53k on the engine and the oil is changed every
3k religiously. Any comments or suggestions would help.
I don't want to look like an idiot at the dealer. 2.0 liter engine
Thks, Dave

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Re: Mosture in my crank case Please Help.!!!!! (GTIGuy01)

When you start the car, the combustion process will naturally cause some moisture to develop in the engine. If the car gets really warmed up (a 5 mile trip won't do it), the moisture will be burned off and its not a problem. Lots of short trips do not burn the moisture off and may cause corrosion in the engine to develop. If you take lots of short trips (18 miles is actually pretty far - that should be fine), its good to (a) change the oil a bit more often and (b) take the car out occasionally specifically to get it nice and hot.
The other possibility is the mechanic meant there was coolant in the oil. This is more serious and could indicate a leaking cylinder head gasket which is allowing the coolant to mix with the oil. That needs fixing and I would expect it to be covered under the drivetrain warranty.
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