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I wanna do THIS!

yup I've been on http://www.teamoneil.com/ and now I wanna Rally!
too bad...
2 day: $1350 / *after April 1 2002 $1650
3 day: $2400 / *after April 1 2002 $2950
4 day: $3400 / *after April 1 2002 $4150
5 day: $4400 / *after April 1 2002 $5350[HR][/HR]​
but you get to drive....


another 16v

4000 quattro

5000 quattro

galant VR4 AWD

and the one I think I might wanna play with the most... 325i
Our vehicles are equipped with:
Bilstein suspension
Fully adjustable dual brake system with
carbon- kevlar pads
Full roll cages
Skid plate and underbody protection
160-200 horsepower
Gravel tires
Special rally racing seats

Our normal progression is to begin training in specially modified FWD Volkswagen GTIs, in order that the student can get a feel for the particular skill or technique being taught without "forgiveness."
We then proceed with AWD Audi Quattros to experience the difference in weight transfer with a heavier vehicle and locked differential.
Interested students can use one of our BMW 325i RWD cars to work on techniques in applying Left Foot Braking to rear wheel drive cars.
and Tim O'Neil is your teacher
I wanna go back to school! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
Maybe instead of Germany my dad and I can go drive around in the woods!
Anyone else wanna join us?

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Re: mommy can I have $1700? (Dieder)

quote:[HR][/HR]heres a link to a great article in EC where I first read about O'Neil's school. [HR][/HR]​
I've got that issue at home. I was curious about the left foot breaking
technique, so I waited till everyone at work had left & tried it in the
parking lot ( snow covered ) & it worked. It was the coolest thing, doing doughnuts w/out using the E - brake. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: mommy can I have $1700? (2.DOH!!)

My friend and I did a rally school in Ridgecrest CA a few years ago. It was awesome to do. I was two days of class and a day of driving, bring your own car, but they also had a Talon TSI AWD , UR Quattro, and some others. It was alot less $$$ than 1700.

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Re: mommy can I have $1700? (Dieder)

The Ridgecrest Rally school is happening this month. The school is already full. The school fills up fast now that Sport Compact Car is pushing rally in their mag every month. The cost is $75. Subaru is also promoting it now
. The rallycross the next day is also getting big.There are still openings for that. They have info about it on http://www.californiarallyseries.com. The rallycross is only $25
All you need is a helmet and a car that doesn’t have parts falling off of it. When I went, some guy was driving a beater Ford Galaxy with blown out shocks. He went out of control and ran over the timing clock! It was pretty funny.

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