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Hello everyone! I just took delivery of a 2002 vw gti 1.8T and while I love the car
tremendously, I utterly despise the 4 spoke polyurethane steering wheel. I
would like to put an aftermarket (MOMO) steering wheel on the car but need to know what the correct hub adapter is -- if there is one that works at all.
A few years ago I successfully installed a MOMO "Champion" wheel on my other
car -- a 1999 mazda miata -- despite the fact that MOMO did not "officially" offer a hub
adapter for it. Turned out the hub adapter for the 1990 - 1997 miata worked
fine. I am only stating this to show that I am not new to the procedure of
replacing the steering wheel in an airbag-equipped car.
Can you point me in the right direction about which hub adapter will work on
the 4th generation VW? Can I use the one for a pre-airbag car (ie. Golf II era)?
Also, it looks like the tilt/telescoping function will be retained
with a hub adapter. Does anyone know this for sure?
Any advice about this potential mod would be greatly appreciated.
(yes I wish I had checked that one last option -- I got the monsoon and the sunroof -- if only for the 3 spoke thick-rimmed vw steering wheel!) :-(
Conversely, if anyone knows of a leather wrap that will work for the 4 spoke to thicken the rim somewhat and offer better feel, this will be considered as well (since it would allow me to keep the airbag).
Thanks in advance,
blue 1999 miata (not stock)
black 2002 gti (stock for now)

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Re: MOMO steering wheel in Golf IV GTI? (dynamo)

A user by the name of Alezone has successfully mounted a Momo Commando steering wheel on his 02 GTI, he will probably know the size you need for the hub adapter.

I too want to swap out that crappy stock steering wheel for a meatier Momo, but money is tight right now. Argh.
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