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More competition for Passat soon: G35

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Just read a couple articles of the upcoming (March?) G35. Prices are predicted to start in the hi 20's?? Ouch. The car looks a whole lot like a Passat. Sides have an A4 look to them. Is their FM platform the same as for either Altima or Maxima?? VW needs the B6 soon.
Any more comments?
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Re: More competition for Passat soon: G35 (Der NuB)

The current Car and Driver has a brief article on the G35. Gotta admit, looks pretty nice. They had a nice rear 3/4 pic too in which the car looks especially good. Only automatic for now but they say a 6-speed manual is planned for next year. C&D gave it high marks.
Also an article in there about the Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG. Wow.
Also a comparo of GTI vs. Civic Si vs. Focus SVT in which the GTI loses even though it is the fastest
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Re: More competition for Passat soon: G35 (Bartnik)

I saw that issue also. I hate it when the VW loses!!!! But thenagain is it fair to subject the GTI to the lower on the evolutionary scale focus and Civic? It's faster, it will always be faster until huge ammounts of money are spent on the other cars to get them to just enough power to keep up. I think that it is a biased article. the basic reason that the GTI didn't win was because of the suspension, everything else was far better.
as far as the G35 is concerned, I believe that this is supposedly based off the Skyline platform in the rest o fthe world. Maybe i am mixing up my articles, but i believe this is what i read.
Re: More competition for Passat soon: G35 (Der NuB)

it sounds like it will be a great car for the price. It is a legitimate midsize car, so it's a practicle sport sedan that can fit four people comfortably, unlike a 325i, A4 or IS300 and has more power than all of them. We'll see if that power translates to good times though. Nissan's cars tend to be slow for the HP they offer.
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