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I know it's been done to death but here we go again...
I'm military stationed in Germany and have an '07 GTI on order and want to get the euro set up. Since the German dealership is only 5 minutes from my work I stopped in and got some info. The parts guy ran the numbers against a 2 door GTI they have on the floor so this is all the info I can verify since there are several weight classes for these springs.
Fronts Spring part number: 1KO 411 105 GK Price: 108.40 Euro a pair
Front bump stops: 1KO 511 353 N Price: 19.30 Euro a pair
Rear Spring part number: 1KO 511 115 EB Price: 87.80 Euro a pair
Rear bump stops: 1KO 412 303 F Price: 14.80 Euro a pair
Euro spoiler, main part: 1KO 805 903 D 9B9 Price: 34.35 Euro
Euro spoiler center section: 1KO 807 110 9B9 Price: 32.80 Euro
So before you ask, with the exchange rate the total price for all springs and bump stops would be: $303.03
Total price for euro spoiler, both pieces: $88.36
I will be going back to order all this for myself mid-September. If you are interested in me getting something for you too please IM for details. There would be shipping cost to pay, I can ship USPS no problem from APO Zip 09009 so shipping would be about the same as shipping from New York. Also add 3% Paypal fee...
If you need anything other than these please IM with details of what you want. There's a big German tuning shop 25 minutes from my house too.
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