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More two door stuff

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Ok, since we've established that 2 door Foxes with rear lap belts are somewhat rare, what about this? Are the rear side interior panels with arm rest-y things in them rare? My '89 has flat panels. Anybody even know what I'm talking about?
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Re: More two door stuff (Coolwhite Fox)

My '93 has flat panels.
Re: More two door stuff (Coolwhite Fox)

My '92 also has flat panels. I know what arm-resty things you're talking about - the one I saw in a junk yard long ago with lap belts had the arm-resty things. My wagon has arm-resty things, but I don't know whether all wagons come like this.
My wagon's for sale, btw. No room to keep it, and since I personally occupy 3/5 of the parking spots in the house, and since we own 6 cars collectively, some people are most vocal on the matter: have you sold a car yet, when are you going to sell a car, why aren't you selling a car now, and so on and so forth.
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