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We've got a few more nuggets for those following closely the Audi Sport test in Sebring this week. First, we're hearing a rumor from an often reliable source outside of Audi that there may be four R18s on the grid at Le Mans. This would include two R18 TDIs and two R18 hybrids (presumably hybrid TDIs).

Another rumor from the same source is that 2010 Oreca Peugeot driver Loic Duval may have signed with Audi Sport as another driver. If there is a fourth car, at least two drivers will need to be added assuming Capello stays with McNish and Kristensen. Marco Bonanomi would be the other driver expected to go active in some capacity should a fourth car be added.

Neither rumor has been confirmed, but we'll do our best to try to glean some more information in this matter.

Next, on the subject of photos, QuattroWorld seems to have found a source for some additional high-res photos. Those shots put out by Audi Sport were noticeably low-resolution so these are nice if you care to examine detail as they are quite large. As we can't confirm the source of the photos nor if they're open for our own publication, we've not included any in this story. Check them out after the JUMP.
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