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most recent caddy pics an update

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scince this pic a webber DD 32/36 was bolted on, an then removed cuase i sold it and i am now installing a euro FI, the intake manifold(which i just had bead blasted) an my NS TB are bolted up, the radiator is secure, an all hoses hooked up, a little more progress on the headlights(rocco 1 converstion), but still not sure, i may have something clever in mind!!!...

this pic was taken in sept. 01
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Re: most recent caddy pics an update (Driftin GTI)

yeah this is some BS..anyone know of a free place to host photos that i can link to the forum...thanks
Re: most recent caddy pics an update (dubster-11)

[ex-aol tech]well... seeing that you have AOL, you should be able to host them from your AOL FTP space... KW: FTP...[/ex-aol tech]
ug, that hurt...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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