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I got the rear tranny mount in no problem...
the next one to do is the drivers side tranny mount
it has 17mm bolt and nut that go through the bracket
the problem I'm having is that the bolt furthest back
came out as expected but the bolt that's toward the front
of the car on that bracket.... it's really HARD to turn,
I was able to get the nut off... but I don't think I can
get the bolt OUT of the bracket.
I'm at the point that I'm thinking of drilling
through the sheet metal on the drivers side for access
so I can pound the bolt out of the bracket....
I'll probably destroy the bolt though....
that's how hard it is in there.
I suppose I could drop the entire motor and then have at it
but I don't WANT to do that.... I'm tired and don't
even wanna look at it now

I didn't expect installing motor mounts to be
so frustrating.

Modified by texboy99 at 11:39 AM 6-16-2006

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Re: motor mount install difficulties (texboy99)

Do you have the engine jacked up to take the weight off the motor mount? I just PB blasted mine and just kept at it with the rachet and eventually it came out. Can you get ou the main bolt? Then just drop the tranny down to have access to the other bolts?
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