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Motor Mounts

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Can someone offer a large explanation, or discussion, on the whole motor mount thing? I have heard of dogbones, urethane bushings, inserts..etc. Can someone explain the details of motor mounts and what to expect when you replace something having to do with a MM? Also, about how hard a job is it to modify them?

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Re: Motor Mounts (thelonedubber)

I'd like to know also.
Re: Motor Mounts (thelonedubber)

they're pretty easy to replace, you unbolt remove the old one and put in the new one. many people have swapped out the dogbone mount as it is the easiest to do and yields results. as to what changing the mounts do, well it helps remove drivetrain loss and so helps get the power your motor is producing to the ground. if the motor rocks less then more power is sent to the wheels instead of rocking the motor.
that's a general description, hope it helps.
Re: Motor Mounts (rex_racer)

There is a down side. Stronger (firmer) mounts mean more vibration in the car. Steering wheel, dash, etc. Some people like it, some people don't. This is why I haven't done it yet. When I hear of one that helps yet doesn't increase vibration, I'll get it.
Apparently you can actually break your mounts if you're running enough power.
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