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Hi to every body!

My car is New Beetle`99 with 2.0 8v AEG. But I am the one of the those stupid guys who is looking for the difficult ways and that is why my NB has turbo kit installed.
The ECU was sent to tuners, flashed and returned. This is Motronic 5.9.2.:banghead::banghead:
For now I am planning to continue to increase the boost and hp but before I have too solve the problem with tune free ECU.
I mean that I have to solve the headache with my ECU.
There is few ways and I need advices. Actually I am living in Ukraine and sending the ECU for reflashing to our country is no the option..
So, the options for my opinion:

1. Maybe somebody know the best way to read / flash 5.9.2. I will be glad to hear about this...:)
2. Swap to Motronic 7.5 which was on the latest versions of my car with same 2.0. The problem is the wiring and e-throttle. Maybe here possible to find somebody who did this..
3. Lugtronic ECU with all it`s features.

Honestly I think that the option #3 is the best for future of my car...
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