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Motronic Questions - for an 8v

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I'll admit, I'm an Audi guy so I've got a few VW questions that are probably a piece of cake for you guys.
My girlfriends' car was wrecked a while back, Montana Green 8v Gti - I just bought a 1990 Jetta GLI 16v for parts for it - the motor is running but badly needs a rebuild. Of course, she appreciates performance and whatnot but isn't a huge top-end driver like me - I have a Coupe Quattro 20v which is a little sluggish off the line but hey I walked away from a souped-up El Camino on the freeway a couple days ago.
Anyway enough rambling....I was thinkin of doing a 2.0L 8v setup using the block from the 16v motor and the head from her 1.8L Digi motor. I also wanted to use the Motronic injection since neither of us really like the Digi system.
Now, will the 8v head bolt on the 2.0L block without creating compression issues? We're looking to keep 10:1 or so, maybe a little higher wouldn't hurt.
I don't know a ton about Motronic but will there be room for all the sensors, etc? I'm pretty sure that this is a rather unorthodox project (which appeals to me).
Thanks guys, I know this isn't 100% 16v and on-topic but I thought you'd know if anyone here did.
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Re: Motronic Questions - for an 8v (billzcat1)

The '88 Audi 80 AT has a 2.0L 8v Motronic - you could probably find one at the yard for cheap. The 8v on the 16v block causes a compression ratio issue....can't remember if it's too high or too low....VWPat will know
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