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mpeg's or mp3's of your VR6?

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anyone has some mpeg's or mp3 files of his tuned vr6?
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Re: mpeg's or mp3's of your VR6? (punto)

I got a couple of .avi movie files:
http://downloads.members.tripod.com/mistralvr6/movies/Dscf0340.avi http://downloads.members.tripod.com/mistralvr6/movies/Dscf0341.avi
Edit: If you get a message "can't find vids:mjpg decompressor", the file you need is at http://www.mainconcept.com/archive/mcjpg30.zip ( More info here http://www.surfcasters.iinet.net.au/MoviesSet1.html )

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