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I am in the market for at 2017-2020 Audi A4 B9 Avant Quattro (alternatively Allroad) with a 2.0 petrol TFSI engine.
However I am puzzled by two things:
1) Why does the later version (think MY20) have less power than the earlier one (245 vs 252 BHP)?
2) I am in Europe and I am hoping they have MPI to avoid some of the carbon build-up, doe they have MPI or not? Seems Audi is very cagey about this information. Please share sources / links if you have.
3) MHEV, what year was this introduced and was it mandatory or can you find with and without throughout the years?
4) Should you avoid MHEV, is it an unnecessary unproven technological complication that will cost a fortune to repair? (I understand it is the starter motor with 7KW that can keep the car coasting but I suppose they had to fit the car with other components to allow this to work like keep the oil pressure up so the engine is ready to kick in when needed?)

All your help is much appreciated. I have googled for hours but can't really find firm answers to the bove.
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