There's no doubt that the Volkswagen Group towards modularity is an all-encompassing strategy for the multi-national car manufacturer. MLB was the first serious move towards this end, though the philosophy is well on the move and visible in component sets like the EA-888 engine family, the MIB infotainment matrix as well as other platform architectures like the upcoming MSB being developed by Porsche and MQB now hitting market and underpinning cars like the Volkswagen Golf 7 and new Audi A3.

On the surface the change may seem like the usual shared platform architecture shift, but a deeper dive suggests it's so much more than that. CNBC has done a deep dive examining the significance of MQB, including quotes and opinions from executives at rivals like Renault-Nissan and Toyota.

"There's no doubt we have fallen behind," told one senior Toyota executive who wasn't named in the story. "we have not even begun to make the fundamental structural changes that (the Volkswagen Group) has."

If you've been curious about MQB, MLB or MSB and wondered about their significance in the marketplace, we'd suggest that this piece from CNBC is a must-read. Find it  HERE .

Hat tip to James G. for the heads up on this story.