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"Must find more power!!! AArrggghh!!!

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I have a 2001 VW Jetta 1.8T which I have installed a Bilstein super Cup Kit springs & Dampers, ABD sway bars front & rear, a Magnaflow Catback, & 18x8 Mille Miglia Evo5's, now it's under the hood I go, I have already ordered a Neuspeed P-Flo, but do not know where else to go for reasonably priced power additions, I was reading about this Split Second Boost controller as an alternate to chipping, as my veh is still under warranty(I think), but I also keep hearing about needing to add an afytermarket blowoff valve for the increased boost, has anyone done any of these things, can I get some advice on what seems to be working best for you guys
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Re: "Must find more power!!! AArrggghh!!! (vdub18t)

well, a split second will void your warranty just like a chip would.... there are different ways with each to avoid getting caught however...
i think most of the major chips are putting out more power than the bcs, but the gap is closing...
your p-flow probably isn't helping (more likely hurting) performance, and could also be a reason to get some flak regarding engine warranty...
Re: "Must find more power!!! AArrggghh!!! (John A)

no need for an aftermarket blof off valve...our cars have a diverter valve instead. You will need a new diverter valve though to handle the increase of boost!
I'd go for a chip, personally! Probably want a new downpipe and high-flow cat as well.
Re: "Must find more power!!! AArrggghh!!! (John A)

i would do the chip either the GIAC 1.1 or the APR. Ive had the BCS before and have had bad experiences with it but thats my car. You can hide it but if they look into your ecu and see how its wired theyll probably be like "what?" heh wouldnt really see any reason they would do that anyway. I would go for the chip. Then throw a monster turbo kit after
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Re: "Must find more power!!! AArrggghh!!! (vdub18t)

In addition to the chip, I'd recommend the Neuspeed Inlet Pipe also....not too fond of the P-Flo though....
Re: "Must find more power!!! AArrggghh!!! (vdub18t)

Get a chip. Nothing else will touch that in terms of bang for the buck.
Re: "Must find more power!!! AArrggghh!!! (vdub18t)

I say don't get the pflow, the dealership will biznatch about oil getting on throttlebody or something like that and if you get a CEL like I did, they won't do any service on it, they'll just clear the codes on your ECU and the CEL will be gone for 15 minutes and come back on.
Man my dealership pisses me off, if you want more details hit me up with an email.
Re: "Must find more power!!! AArrggghh!!! (vdub18t)

Just get a quality chip and bag the other stuff. Don't put highly questionable, in terms of performance, equipment under the hood that will annoy the dealer/VW and perhaps jeapordize warranty claims. Imho, of course. Good Luck.
Re: "Must find more power!!! AArrggghh!!! (dbrowne1)

quote:[HR][/HR]Get a chip. Nothing else will touch that in terms of bang for the buck.[HR][/HR]​
Yup yup.
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