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"Must have more power!!!"

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I have a 2001 VW Jetta 1.8T which I have installed a Bilstein super Cup Kit springs & Dampers, ABD sway bars front & rear, a Magnaflow Catback, & 18x8 Mille Miglia Evo5's, now it's under the hood I go, I have already ordered a Neuspeed P-Flo, but do not know where else to go for reasonably priced power additions, I was reading about this Split Second Boost controller as an alternate to chipping, as my veh is still under warranty(I think), but I also keep hearing about needing to add an afytermarket blowoff valve for the increased boost, has anyone done any of these things, can I get some advice on what seems to be working best for you guys
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Re: "Must have more power!!!" (vdub18t)

It's not a Blow off valve you need, its an aftermarket divertor valve. check out a Bailey or a Forged. I would also recommend doing a chip with a stock option, for when your car goes to the dealer. my service guy doesnt care what ive done to my car.
Re: "Must have more power!!!" (synthsis)

If I were you, go to the Technical/1.8T forum and ask this question. Also if you can Return the P-Flow do so, I have heard they are REALLY Sh!tty, they fall apart and pull in a lot of heat form the engine compartment, I would go with a EVO CAI or a BMC CDA. Hope this info helps

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