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Re: Mustang Cobra Help? (fowtj)

Quote, originally posted by fowtj »
I wouldnt buy a 96 with that mileage. I had a 94 and a 95 cobra. The 94/5 are the same body style as the 96/7 but have the 5.0 pushrod motor. As you porbably know, the 96 has the 4.6 iron DOHC modular motor. It was the first year of that motor and I dont think it was as venerable as the old 5.0. I have seen 5.0's go 300k miles without a rebuild. Also, the 5.0 is alot cheaper/easier to work on and modify. If you are hell bent on an overhead cam motor, ante up for the later supercharged cars, they make a TON of power with just a pulley swap. If you are working on a budget, find a 94 or 95. With some simple mods, they will easily outrun a 96 car and be much more reliable. My 94 had basic bolt-ons and some nitrous and ran low 12's all day long. I drove it hard it had 120k miles and then sold it to a guy that is still drving it.

What he said.
Also, werent the early sn95 cobras 351's. Or was 4.6mod for the GT and 5.0 pushrod for the cobra.
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