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So, where do I start, It's a 2001 Wolfsburg 1.8T, my wife bought this car back in 2006 with 100,384 on the clock and a broken timing belt and 20 bent valves, it was bone stock from the original owners that I personally knew. I Pulled the head and replaced the valves and installed a new timing belt and waterpump and a bunch of other maintenance items at the same time and then we just drove it and enjoyed it for a few years until I got sucked into the VW lifestyle.

It originally had tan interior and slowly over the years received a full black GLI interior including the Recaros (that I retrofitted some seat heaters into to maintain those toasty buns) and also rear sunshade retrofit from a 2000 GLX and a center console with cup-holders from a 2004+.

Back in about 2009 it received an APR performance tune and some H&R sport springs, which I'm still currently rocking even after the recent 4Motion transplant (obviously new rear springs for the new rear suspension though).

2 Years ago, the hood got backed into and munched, so I decided perfect time for a badgeless grill and new hood with filled notch. Also decided to pick up some BORA R Front and VOTEX rear REPLICA bumpers, I know, I'm a cheap bastard but spend a little extra time fitting them before paint and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. Too bad my wife parallel parks on the mean streets of Seattle, because thanks to all the parking by braille drivers in town, she'll come back out to the car at the end of the day to find new scuffs and scrapes all the time, so now the bumpers have been hit about 1000 times and have some paint cracking from impacts but no structural problems from what I can tell.

Now let's get to the interesting stuff! So this January as we are cruising up the mountain to hit the slopes, we see the traction chains or AWD warning signs and I my wife mentions "Too bad my cars not all wheel drive" and I say "we can make that happen" she say "really?" I say "OH HELL YESSSS!" and then the madness begins.

I found a TT quattro donor car with a blown engine and stripped front end but the trans, transfer case, and full rear end all still intact. So I cut up the car to get my rear floor pan and then sourced a few 04 R32 parts like the center propeller shaft (because it's longer) and the fuel tank (because the TT tank filler neck is different). And then this past weekend I took a few days off from work to perform the entire rear end swap. I swapped in the trans and transfer case 3 weeks earlier but I'll get into more detail with that later. Pictures.............

Before cutting the old floor out but got all things removed including the interior, also notice the original spare tire tub is off center towards the passenger side, the new tub is centered and about 5-6 inches higher up

Difference between the R32 and regular MK4 fuel tanks

Floor getting cut out

Once you get all the necessary floor parts removed, you have to patch in the rear section of inner TT frame rail so the new rear floor pan and suspension will fit properly

Dont forget to transfer over all the rear seat bracketry if you want to maintain factory functioning rear seats.

New rear floor getting ready to go to it's new home

Don't forget to remove these from your donor car and mount them in your tunnel so the center carrier for the propeller shaft has something to bolt to

Once the panel fits up in place, you need to trim your inner fenders, if you were to use a R32 rear floor, you could transfer over the rear wheel wells to make this part easier but since I'm using a TT coupe, they are different so I have to maintain my original inner fenders and just trim them and then hammer them into shape and then weld them to the new floor.

Then I fabricated a new rear section of floor (using scrap from the removed original floor) to flow naturally from the new raised and centered spare tire well back to the original rear inner trunk panel.

A little seam sealer and some dupli-color "color matched" spray paint, because it's going to get covered in dirt eventually anyways. And these are pictures of the sealer and painting process, it's all covered now like in the last picture


Look, my rear seats fit back in

Differential/haldex unit and rear suspension and fuel tank in, and oh yeah, my 04 R32 exhaust with wired up vacuum control solenoid to make the flap function too.

From the rear, I'm thinking of building some small turn-down exhaust tips to replace the factory 04 R32 ones, but for now the tips are just angled down slightly and I feel they don't look have bad hanging out down there. Oh, and forgot to mention the functioning rear park distance sensors too, ;) Dirty car is dirty!:p

Have about -3° of camber on both rear wheels do to not having adjustable control arms yet but everything is all straight after the alignment, didn't have to adjust anything actually.

How she currently sits!!! Replaced the cracked windshield and now all ready for the Leavenworth Cruise this weekend!:D:D:D After a good bath of course....

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Looks good! How long did it take you to do the swap?
I started the rear swap last wednesday at 5PM and pretty much worked non stop 10 to 12 hours a day on thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. Then monday after work, I finished putting in the fuel tank, rear end, and exhaust. Then tuesday after work i finished wiring up the haldex and exhaust flap stuff as well as installed the rest of the interior and trimmed and installed my trunk panels. Then last night wednesday) I installed new rear brakes, fixed a rubbing heat shield, put it on the alignment rack and then found that my exhaust manifold was cracked and had to replace that, I thought my exhaust had been sounding a little weird for the last few weeks prior to this.

I swapped the transmission and transfer case with new clutch all in about 5 hours. Using the TT front axles and clutch fluid line and shifter box assembly, I need to get some pictures up of that because the TT donor car was a 180HP 5 speed car but the 5 speed quattro still uses an 02M/02Q housing, so I converted it to a six speed while I waited to get it swapped in.


That is awesome looking.

Great job on the swap, looks super clean. Perhaps cut outs for the exhaust? Would look awesome having an R32 exhaust coming out the back of a Jetta.
Don't really want to cut the bumper, but for now the tips look good and don't really hang too low at all either. Looking at the dual exhaust makes me feel all warm and fuzzy too!

I just enjoy saying the word HALDEX, that word alone just makes my day, very awesome...:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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The 02M 5 speed to 6 speed conversion!

So, like I mentioned, the donor car was a 2000 Audi TT Quattro Coupe of the 180HP variety. So it was only a 5 speed, but is in the same housing as the 02M/02Y. So I did a little research and decided to find some internals from a 6 speed 02M and swapped out 3rd through 6th gear from a FMN code trans into my DXW code trans.

Here's some pictures :

The stock DXW trans pulled apart, notice the spacer where 6th should be

Had to modify the shift tower to allow for movement into 6th

The donor gears 3rd to 6th from the FMN code trans.

New 5th and 6th gears installed on DXW output shaft #2

New 3rd and 4th gears installed on DXW output shaft #1

Didn't get a picture of them installed but had to change the 3rd and 4th/6th gear assembly and new 5th gears onto the input shaft to maintain proper gear mesh and ratios from the FMN code trans. The 3rd and 4th/6th gears are a one piece unit on the bottom of the stack in the front of this picture and 5th is sitting on top, these all go on the DXW input shaft.

All the shafts reassembled back into the DXW housing

Comparison of the DXW out of the TT with transfer case attached next to the 02J removed from my car

Comparison of the 240mm clutch for the new 02M/02Y on the top, versus the 228mm vr6 clutch on the bottom I was running in the jetta.

Fits up in there nicely, have to change the turbo to oil pan return line because of the transfer case but other than that, everything else is bolt up/bolt in

I think the next thing the car should get is a nice little K04 turbo and matching tune and then it would be my idea of what an OEM+ option of Jetta that should have been available in the states from the dealer: 6 Speed, 4 Motion, K04/Higher HP, with different/cooler exterior and interior styling.

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You made this seam very easy! I cannot wait to do mine.

do you have a functioning Haldex? No engine codes? and you didn't show in the swap but where did you get your trans from?
Not the easiest thing to do, but I did hours and hours of research to make sure I get all the things I needed to do the swap properly and got all parts sourced before so I wouldn't get hung up on waiting for parts I did know I'd need. Here's a list of stuff I got before hand:
  • New clutch kit
  • r32 exhaust
  • seam sealer
  • paint
  • after weld treatment
  • r32 propeller shaft because it's longer than TT but same wheel base length as Jetta
  • exhaust coupling pieces
  • new lowered spring to fit TT rear end
  • wiring, switch, solenoid and vacuum hose to make exhaust flap function
  • wiring, switch and POWERTRACK insert to make the HALDEX work.
  • 1 donor car with everything else you need
  • Oh, and an R32 fuel tank because TT filler neck is different
Can't remember what else I may have forgot to mention, other than I used wiring from the TT for the Haldex and for both Rear ABS wheel speed sensors because the connectors are different.

And as for the Haldex / 4 Motion, I'm trying to figure out how to post my video of the car on the rack spinning all 4 wheels. But I just bought the POWERTRACK insert from Your Haldex Works and then wired up the pre-charge haldex fluid pump to a toggle switch so, car is FWD until I flip the switch, the pump turns on and then as soon as there is front to rear wheel slip difference, the Haldex clutches will engage.

I was planning on swapping over the entire ABS unit and wiring up and mounting the $138 G251 I just bought for this, but then realized I'm going to have to change over the whole connector for the ABS module because that is different on the TT (MK20 vs M60) and then realized I would probably have either get my ECM data files changed to communicate properly or use the TT ECM and do all that programming, blah blah. Then I read about this insert and figured I'd give it a try to save me all that headache and it seems to be working. Need to find some slippery roads or gravel or something to really put it to the test but for now all my original ECM and ABS stuff is untouched and functioning like it was before, even the ASR function of the ABS too.

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WOW Brian, Awesome work dude! I can't wait to see this thing in person. :thumbup:
Come find me on the leavenworth cruise!:D


The R32 trans will only fit the VR6 style engines, if you are going 1.8T, you will need to find a TT trans/transfer case.

And the TT already has rear ABS sensors, all of our cars do too, just the connectors/plugs are different so I used the wiring pigtails from the TT. But I Tricked the Haldex if you read my above post, instead of wiring up the entire module to all the inputs and the can-bus.

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Ohhh my lord there are like 3 Stripped TT's in moy local scrapyard... you are giving me terrible ideas sir

Excelent work and great simple and to the point writeup :thumbup:
If you need an extra pair of hands, let me know. I'm always down to lend a hand :peace:
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