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Re: my ASR makes weird noises is this normal????? (ChrisM)

Is this sound loud? There is a lot of snow on the ground today and I noticed a loud vibration sound coming from the front passenger-side wheel. After the car sitting for a while in a parking lot while I was in the movies, I also noticed a sound that sounded like it was coming from underneath my hand-brake. Is this the same thing that you guys are talking about? It's got me concerned and think I should take it to the dealership tomorrow.
If this is the EDL or ASR why does it only come from the front passenger-side wheel? Is it supposed to sound like the ABS brakes do? If so, what I am experiencing is much louder than the ABS brake sounds.
[EDIT] Oh ya, and forgot one thing... When I turn the ASR off, it still makes that noise on my right wheel.

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