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Re: my ASR makes weird noises is this normal????? (RaraK69)

The ASR doesn't make any noise at all. All it does is use the engine management system to reduce power output to the point that the wheel stops spinning.
EDL, on the other hand, uses the ABS system to apply the brake to the wheel that is spinning, thus transferring torque across the differential to the other wheel. This will make the clicking/grinding sound as described, as this is the noise that the ABS solenoids make while operating.
The EDL does work pretty well (as those who have managed to disable it can attest), but it does allow a fair amount of wheel slippage. What I notice when I am accelerating hard is that at about 24 mph I will get a crazy amount of momentary wheelspin after the EDL cuts out and before the ASR kicks in (it is on all the time, but doesn't do much when the EDL is active).
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