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Ok guys and girls so the story on this one i picked it up from a fellow vortexer who decided to ditch the project and part it out...i started the swap and then decided to do a lil build thread so im i did alot already but wen i got to him he had it at a bare shell as u can see

how i got it he started shaving the bay then stopped so

wen i picked her up two days later 1:45 min in pa:laugh:

thanks guys it aint a millon dollar build but its sumthing to work wit more pics

wen it finally made it to the house

my lil man even likes it i told him it was his car lol:laugh:

for the ppl that know mi ima vr6 guy so thats whats going in:peace:
got this for a good price from my boy

and my right hand man at it again helping mi out:wave:

and time to take out the gas tank

nice and clean under here

and here i started painting the bay cause yes i dont got money like that right noe to do a shaved bay:banghead:
and dont joke on my yellow and black tape thats all i had laying around to cover the paint

got the motor in took mi a while car wouldnt start come to find out it was a bad ecu i picked up
that kept blowing the ecu fuse

now time to put her back together and get her out the garage for some fresh air

And As she sits today 11/14/11
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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