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My baby's back!

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I took my Jetta in for her 20,000 mile service and some other small interior stuff (fixed armrest latch and splitting) plus the airbag light was on. Oh, it came on after I tried to do the rear fog dash icon mod. Anyway, I took it in on Friday. They had to order a new airbag and airbag harness, but that didn't do it. Monday they call me and tell me that I need a new instrument cluster, that it had gone bad, how could that have happened?
I don't know! Anyway, I just got my baby back today and I have a few comments.
The dealership gave me an 02 grand am 2.2 liter four. BOOOOORRRING! I've never driven a car with less soul, feel, or fun. Even my old 94 civic had more kick! Anyway, I drove the crap out of that car. I basically gunned it at every stop sign, light, and turn. By the way, no tire spin, and no power. I used almost a full tank of gas to go about 215 miles.
When I got my car back today I almost cried it was soooooo much more fun to drive, and she's not even chipped yet! I guess it's true that absence does make the heart grow fonder.
I know this is a long post to pretty much say nothing but I do have a moral of the post: 1. Be careful what you try to modify 2. Appreciate your car, not matter how bad your problems are at least it's fun to drive when it's working right!
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Re: My baby's back! (WolfsburgTurbo)

congrats on getting the car back
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