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Hey all! Its been a long arduous road with this car but I have finally been able to enjoy it for the first time in 3 years!

From this:

To this:

Initial project: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?5524217-My-Mk1-Berg-Cup-Project&p=74944029#post74944029

Sorry for the missing pics... I will try to fix them up.. I also need to apologize for the following pics as they are all cell phone pics for the most part, and therefor sh!t.

I abandoned the 2.0L ABA Carbed engine as I could never get it to work that well - It lacked the "umpf" that the car deserved... 15x10 BBS Motorsports and Hankook RS3's can handle more than 120-ish HP...

Behold! 1.8T! Thanks Mom :heart:, Jessie :heart:, BFI, APEX Tuning, Kevin, Paul, Henry, PhillyJoe, Kyle, Grizzly, Dan, Thien, Nate, Pinky, Gerich, Yareka, Nothing Leaves Stock, and everyone else that had a hand in this Car!

The Heart!

An integral Part! Thanks http://nothingleavesstock.com/

empty cavity..

Box O Turbo'



.. Am too low!

Sweet ass garage-mate!

Inside :thumbup:

IC mockup

Down and dirty - No lift here motherfückers :beer:


Kyle the brain working out some diagrams..

IC Piping fitment..



Fuel lines now on Pass side..



Peering whilst peeing...

A Cheeky Henry Cheezin'

Nearing the end.

Unrelated but definitely an old skool hip hop gem!

My Homemade Garage Downpipe - 3" All the way!

Now with added dingus piece

Another Rando!

All together!

First throttle input :heart:

FIRST Run, dont mind the soot... she was running a bit rich :D

And after all of that - a shakedown trip to VIR!!!!!!!!!!! This makes me happy and so do some spirited Parade Laps :beer::beer:


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This is all win.
Thank you Sir! Not for lack of trying!

Poor squares got killed :( but impressive build. How did you fix the door?
I love the rounds man, the squares were fine while they lasted! I fixed the door by replacing it.. it was just too far gone.

That 020 is doomed lol

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Somehow.... That bastard 020 is still holding up.. Factory trans! Hahhhaah :laugh:
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