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Well....I went to install a rebuilt vacuum booster in my '89 diesel jetta, and the rod that connects to the brake pedal is about an inch and a half too short, which means that if it's clipped onto the brake pedal, the pedal does not reach the button that deactivates my brake lights. As far as I can tell, the rebuilt booster I bought is the only one made for mk2 jettas without ABS, so.... it should fit.
I went back to the shop where I got my rebuilt booster, and picked up my old booster; installed it, and.... same problem; it's exactly the same size as the new booster. EXCEPT, that I didn't have any problems with my brake lights staying on before, which means .... either the rod-length is somehow correct and something else has changed (though I can't imagine what that would be, since I haven't changed anything), or, maybe there was a piece of foam from the dash/pedal-cover-piece that was stuck between the pedal and the brake-light button before....I can't think of any other ways this could happen.
I got this car through an insurance auction several months ago, so I know very little about the car's history. Is there a chance the bracket that holds the brake and clutch pedals came from another model or something? How could I tell? Has anyone out there ever compared boosters from different VWs, and if so, is there a booster that would be compatible for my car, but that would have a longer brake-pedal connecting rod?
Thanks, y'all.
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