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TDi love started for me when a customer lent me his '04 Jetta Sport for a week. Since I've always driven boosted Civics before this, you could imagine how much gas I would go through on my daily driver. Driving this Jetta for a week on the same tank of fuel sold me! Immediately I started looking for a Jetta TDi for myself. About a month later I purchased a 2002 Jetta TDi with about 240,000 kms. Great car. I did small mods to this car before selling the wife's Pontiac Wave and giving her this Jetta. I bought a 2000 Jetta TDi off a customer since he really didnt want to continue his TDi build. The motor blew shortly after. Then this is where it really shifted into overdrive. My 2000 Jetta was back in the shop with a blown motor :(

As it sat there for a couple weeks I noticed some rust popping out in spots and it really bothered me. Off to the body shop. At the same time, we got an R32 at the shop for parts. We used the motor and drivetrain for a mk3 swap we were doing. Obviously looking at this empty shell I wasn't going to just let the floor and rear components go to waste at some junk yard. Immediately I started my 4motion swap and build.

Here are some pictures of the car and the build. Feel free to post your comments and ideas about the project.

This the car when I bought it:

Getting ready for Winter:

R32 brakes front and rear:

The motor as I got it when I bought it:

Then it happened:

This is the color I chose, Porsche GT3 orange

Painted the bay purple:

Striping for paint and floor swap starts:

Paint being laid

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Jams done

Doors and hatch ready for re-assembly

Backup sensor install (had to, totally not needed but I love my electronics)

Cut out the R32 floor pan from the donor car:

Floor all prepped

Floor completely removed, properly at the spot welds

Floor pan installed and ready for welding and seam sealing

Camber :)


Rims ready for paint, GT3 replicas. Painting them black to match the GT3 look.

Ready, painted Z4Z4 Black Magic Pearl from the mk5 GTi

Since I had all the parts from the R32...decided on the R dash and the climatronic swap and a TDi Sport cluster, yes IMMO3 cluster in a IMMO2 car :)

Got the car back from the body shop

Ksport Pro Coilovers for R32 are in

Time for re-assembly

Another shot with handles on, its coming together

Rear bumper in, more assembly

MK5 style mirrors for MK4 (still unsure about these)

Climatronic fully functional :)

Decided to add a Passive keyless entry, smartcard, alarm with push button start, love the electronics

That's it for now but I'll post more updates as I get some more work done on the car. The shop is really busy lately so I've been only putting in an hour or so here and there.
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dope so far man, should be even cooler when its done.. 4mo tdi ftw!

those mk5 mirrors are cool, but i feel like you should have shaved the marker on the fender to clean it up a bit if you are going to run those.
This to the T x2.

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my fathers car has the reverse sensors and i looooove it. is it expensive/complicated to do??

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I know it would have been better to shave the side markers but there are two reasons why I didn't. 1, everytime stuff is shaved after a couple years theres always bubbles or bad body work pops out which worries me. 2, since I'm really unsure of the mkv mirrors I decided to leave the markers and used the passat caps to cover them. At first the mkv mirrors seemed cool but now that I have them on the car they seem a bit big for the mkiv chassis, so I'm still undecided about these.

The rear wing in black comes from the original idea of the gt3 orange. When I bought this car it had the 18" GT3 replicas so when time came to decide on a color, that whole GT3 idea came to mind, so I decided on the GT3 orange but also wanted to make everything that is black on the porsche also black on the jetta. This includes the front lip and side skirts, the rims, the grill and the wing.

When I put the wing on, I admit it looks like a cheap m3-style wing that was just stuck on the car, and I dont like it much. But for now I want to finish putting the car together cause driving my mustang and or my civic daily is killing me on gas, want my tdi back! For now put it together and then I'll change anything I still dont feel came out right.

As for the back up sensors, they are a bit of a cheat. They are a Honda Odyssey kit that we had at the shop so I just used it. Not proper VW but cool still.

Here are some pics of my boosted Civic, 500whp at 19psi, still going to turn it up after I get my Jetta on the road again.

Got the Precision Turbo air coled ball bearing with a billet wheel. Its a 6768billet with H cover. Makes good jam.
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