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My C is finally almost running fine...

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so we changed the front motor mount last week. ok, but whn i shifted i heard like a bang, so i bring it to the shop, and the VW guy was like its your motor mount. i tld him it was already repaced, and he looked at it- the motor mount bracketws broken in 1/2. when he was taking the mount ou pieces just started falling out. this happened b/c my C is so ghetto. Before i owned it- someone put a size12 bolt to hold the bracket to the engine. its supposed to be a 10 all th bolt was doing was pushing the bracket against the engine causing it to break. anyone goin to gtg in j? i saved the broken sh*t. well anyway, its running great now, finally $5000 later!
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Re: My C is finally almost running fine... (G60chick)

after posting that go find a big ass piece of wood and knock on it!!!! everytime i posted that my old c was running good it broke the next fahking week!!!!!!!!!!! lata,
KIP.... i hope you have better luck then i do.
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