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My car got hit...

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I was driving to get some McDonalds food last night with my GF and as I wwas approaching the intersection to turn left, this guy standing on red light just started going foreward, I locked my wheels braking but here it was, BOOOM. Driver-side fender gone, my front grill about 5 feet away from the car. And I just had this thing painted 6 months ago...
Going for an estimate tomorrow...
As much as I hate to see my car hit I think this is my chance to change my grill to a dual or single round light system. (hard decission)
I kinda feel sorry for the guy who hit me though; 17 years old, can you imagine his insurance now?
There's alot of bad drivers out there...
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Re: My car got hit... (MYTHOS)

quote:[HR][/HR]thats only true on a first few dates...
I've been with this one for a few years now, plus I love to cook good food but once in a while you need a greasy burger at midnight...hehe[HR][/HR]​
And the VW paid the price.
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