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My car got hit...

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I was driving to get some McDonalds food last night with my GF and as I wwas approaching the intersection to turn left, this guy standing on red light just started going foreward, I locked my wheels braking but here it was, BOOOM. Driver-side fender gone, my front grill about 5 feet away from the car. And I just had this thing painted 6 months ago...
Going for an estimate tomorrow...
As much as I hate to see my car hit I think this is my chance to change my grill to a dual or single round light system. (hard decission)
I kinda feel sorry for the guy who hit me though; 17 years old, can you imagine his insurance now?
There's alot of bad drivers out there...
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Re: My car got hit... (dianalynnxk)

And don't forget to dig up the receipt for the paint job you just got. That's evidence that you've invested money in the car that was negated, so it wasn't just a 15 year old paint job that got damaged.
Hope it works out for ya, dude.
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