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My car just went crazy......HELP

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I swapped out my ISV and disconnected my fuel enrichment module and after I started it, I noticed it was running funny. It was puffing black smoke out of the exhaust, and it smelled really rich so I cranked down (slowly) the fuel mixture. But it still was running poorly. When I give it gas it bogs as the idle increases. I tried to take it for a ride but when I try to accelerate, it hesitates and bogs repeatedly as I give it gas. The black smoke is gone, but it is running like crap.
What could have happened?
I didn't do anything but what I listed.
It seemed like the fule mixture went WAAAAY rich after I started it up
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Re: My car just went crazy......HELP (Jett'in)

doesn't the module interrupt the water temp sensor circuit ? if you disconnect it, your car isn't receiving the sensor's input
Re: My car just went crazy......HELP (Dimitri16V)

It might have been. I just reconnected evrything that I disconnected and it is fine.
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