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my car whistles

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ok so when i hit the gas it whistles it sounds like a turbo spooling up, alas no turbo

its not jsut the engine noise and it actually sounds real phat, but does everyone elses do this? or do i have an air hose leak?
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Re: my car whistles (NVmyVW)

could be a vacuume leak...check all your vacuume hoses, you can get some replace ment stuff from pepboys et al. or get some silicone hose.
Re: my car whistles (NVmyVW)

Do you have an aftermarket cone filter?
Re: my car whistles (SLC4EVER)

Maybe what you think is an engine whistle is really bistanders whistling in appreciation. After all, you ARE driving a corrado.
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Re: my car whistles (NVmyVW)

Is your idle screw in? Mine whistled when I lost my idle screw, at first it scared me.....I thought "great now what, and how much will this cost me...."
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Re: my car whistles (TexasCorradoG60)

It's could be the 'damper' that is connected to the idle air control valve and the intake. I just replaced mine a couple weeks ago.
Re: my car whistles (ChrisVR6)

Im gonna try and go out on a limb that Im probably gonna fall off of... but do you have an aftermarket systet with amps? You sub wont make any noise because of the low pass filter but you highs and mids will... I had one hell of a time tracking down my ground loop it was a pain in the ass!!!. $$$
Re: my car whistles (NVmyVW)

actually, When I changed the timing belt on my 86 GLI, I intentionally set the cam sproket off two notches and it hissed like a turbo... it was weird.. and I had a ton of torque at 5k RPM.
Re: my car whistles (Milkysunshine)

I had a similar problem. Mine turned out to be air whistling throught the p-flo. It's just one of those things that I have to live w/ until I get a new filter. It's kinda cool, because at about 3500-4000, if I punch it in 3rd, it's give a cool chirp.
Re: my car whistles (Que Aleman)

Yeah.. I got a k&n cone.. it whisltes.. kinda cool..
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