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My dealer story (Dealer didn't even sale me the car. Had to go back and pic up my trade in)

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My dealer story (Dealer din't even sale me the car. Had to go back and pic up my trade in)

I wanted a 1.8t in silver with silver leather, so I whent to "ESSERMAN VW" a verry big VW dealer in north miami (sales 100 cars a month). Well they dint have the car but they were going to find it
1. story "we found your car its in jacksionvile we will have it here in 3 days" I was verry happy. 5 days later it turns out to be they never got the car.
I gave them more option ranging from 3 colors white blue and silver and beighs or silver leather
2. story "Mr. Pardo(me) we have the car its in tampa We have sent a tow truck with one of our cars to tade for your car" well I call them at 7PM they tell me that their truck is in the dealer ship in tampa but the manager dosent whant to trade the cars so their guy is sleaping over to work it out in the mornig. Dint hapen
by now I am pissed I traded my car in and am driving a minivan around the dealer has my car an I dont have thier car (look at the next one its the best yet.
3. This time the car is found localy in a dealership that they dont get along with so they make another dealer trade a car for the car I whant and then they trade that dealership one of their cars for the car they traded the dealer that my dealer dosent get a long with. well I told them this is bull poop you have till tommorow and that is it. They give me more bull
well I had to go back and get my car back (50 min process) and I whent down to the other dealer guess what they had not one but 2 white 1.8t 5-speed with beaigh leather. I got it that same night
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Re: My dealer story (George Bush)

The dealership I went to had to do a dealer to dealer trade too. But the salesman arranged for the trade and everything was finalized BEFORE I left the dealership that night, and I got my car a few days later. Absolutely no hitches.
Sounds to me like they were just jerking you around. Damn shady dealers.

Well at least you got your car.
White too. Nice.
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Re: My dealer story (George Bush)

OH MAN! I wish i knew you were looking to buy a car from these guys...i would have told you about my horror story at Esserman.
They told me they ORDERED my car, then a month later told me they couldnt order it...bevause i wanted silver after they had originally told me 3 weeks, worst case. Then they told be they never "ordered" it after all because they truely thought they would be able to find it somewhere else. Of course this was after they explained how a silver jetta with black interior and manual was extremely hard to find and they would have to order it.
My salesperson was an idiot and the sales manager was bad-mouthing her right in ront of me. The finance guy i was dealing with got fired. Damned if i ever go back there.
sorry...had to vent. I feel your pain. Good luck finding the car you want.
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Re: My dealer story (Frenzy)

WOW I really was lucky then because I was just about to tell them to go ahead and order me a silver 1.8t they wanted 3months
by the way 2 weeks ago gunther had a 2002 silver 1.8t with blackleather int.
Re: My dealer story (George Bush)

Before I bought my Blue Wolfsburg model, I was originally shopping for a silver 1.8T GLS. The salesman had the audacity to tell me "Well, this car hasn't been stocked in yet. We add a price adjustment of $1000 because the color is rare" Silver...rare??? WHAT? They didn't get my business http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
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