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Hi guys!
It's been a while since I posted my last words on the vortex site. But I've never stopped reading it though. Specially the projects always have my attention. Nothing better then to see a car build from scratch transform into a beautifull showcar.
So I thought I share my project with you guys. I bought this car 1,5 year ago and already done a lot of things to it.
It started with some simple things like a badgeless grill, clear lights and a Momo steeing wheel. Also the wheels from my previous golf came under my new 16V. For a few weeks I was very happy with my car, the way it revs is just gorgeous and it was a pretty nice car for a student.

The car was fitted with black electric Recaro seats, but I already bought electric Recaro's from an Edition One. So I sold the original ones and in came the Mauritius blue ones. But I realised that it needed some more things to make it really special. So on came a complete Supersprint group A system and a set of Weitec shocks with a 60mm drop, later I replaced the rear Weitecs for fully adjustable Patec shocks with a 50 mm drop.

I planned to keep the car for more than just a few years, so I decided to send it to somebody who fixes cars for a racing team. He told me that the undersite of the car was one of the vital things if you wanna keep the car for a long period and advised me to check it very secure and put tectyl on it.
I thought everything was okay and everyday I drive with my GTI to school. But then things got out of hand a little bit. I stopped with my school and started working. I had more money to spend and decided that I wanted my GTI to be perfect. Sometimes I heard some ticking from the head of my engine and I wanted to buy a new head. But I got a little bit carried away and after two weeks I ended up with a complete rebuild engine and gearbox. Plus it was bored to 1.9 liters.
On a meeting my eyes saw a set of beautifull Porsche S4 alloys and I found a set by internet. They were already polished and I just could not resist them.

The car was pretty good now: Interior, engine and wheels were how I wanted it. But sadly the exterior of the car had some smal rust spots and I decided for a respray. The original color was rare enough for me so I didn't wanna change that.
But, as always, I wanted to change some other things:
- the sidemarkers had to go.
- Audi handles needed to be fitted.
- Airvents on the right site of the car.
- Holes filled (form the VW sign, Golf sign, single wiper, rear wiper)
- G60 arches sprayed black.
- Siglachrom windows.
- remove the towing eye cap from the rear bumper.
- And a lot of other tings like foglights, color coded mirrors, blue carpet te match the blue seats, chormed wheelbolt covers, chromed locks etc.
Pics from some nice details:

Some pics from the respray:

This is how she looks now:

Of course there is a lot more to tell, but there are so many things that it would be boring.
In about a weeks the respay will be finished and it will be ready to go to some meetings. Next winter I will continue the project as I wanna go lower and maybe fit other wheels. I'm not sure yet.
Well, tell me what you think of the car!

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Re: My Dutch Golf project (gj16V)

"no linking" vwforum.nl doesn't like you,.... try the other dutch forum for pichosting

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Re: My Dutch Golf project (flippinvw)

Thank you for the new wallpaper http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif I love the chrome audi door latches..just put mine on a few days a go.
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