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I'm new here and just purchased a 2001 Audi A4 1.8T
However I just notice something strange with my engine temp(coolant temp).
I thought the normal operating temp should be right in the middle.
So when I was cruising at 80 mph the nedle move to the left all the way (looks like when the engine died).
So I tried to downshift to 4 (from D, yeah mine is tiptronics tran), and the temp needle is back to the middle mark..
I thought this must be it, and so I tried and it seems that's not the case.
So downshift has nothing to do with the needle going to the left (cold mark)..
So I was driving about 3 hours(my trip from Chicago to Indiana).
during the trip the needle will moved to the cold (far left)left then sometimes it will moved back to the middle.

I am thinking of bringing my car to the dealer. But I want to ask for some opinion first before I go to the dealer.
I am not sure if it is the way it should be or not.
I would really appreciate any input.
J Irwan

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Re: My Engine Temp going down and up.. (J Irwan)

I have two guesses:
1. Bad Thermostat
2. Bad Temp Guage/Connection to Guage
You'd better get it checked out by the dealer. If it's the thermostat, your engine may not be running @ its proper temperature, and that's a bad thing.
Good luck!

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Re: My Engine Temp going down and up.. (bac)

yah thats wicked wrong. It should move to fully warm (straight up) in 10 minutes of driving, and stay there rock solid until you shut off the car. I've never seen mine move..
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