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Figured a good workaround for the various issues that the iPhone has interfacing with the OEM system.

Used a Proclip mount specific with the GTI + Proclip specific iPhone mount with built power cord hardwired into the cigarette lighter. Took 20 minutes to install... just remove the gear stick surround to get to the torx screws to remove the ashtray... then slip the cable behind the panels on the right side of the consol... loosen the trim on the passenger side tunnel so you can just fish the wire up into the ashtray area.

So the wire is just there to charge the phone and audio is via bluetooth audio which sounds 95% as good as a hardwired connection.

This allows full use of the iPhone, Voice Control, access to the phone books, access to all my music, access to all my apps, and charges the phone when the car is on.
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