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i haven't posted in the MK3 forum in years and wanted to make a return.
I've been on vortex since 1999 and although my post count doesn't show it, I've been around the block a few times on this site.

some of the old timers may remember my original car when i lived in NoVa back in the late 90's/early 00's.
Sequoia green 97 GTI VR6 with 6 point cage, sparco seats, z-engineering blower, custom stereo, projektzwo mirrors, ABT wheels, and euro arches and moldings....

since then i've had these
2003 20th AE GTI

Fourtitude.com project car and SEMA 2005 show car

2008 A3 2.0T with GT28RS big turbo

2004 R32 with VF Stage2 supercharger

and now i have this 2012 TT Coupe 2.0T quattro

a stock 1998 jetta glx
a stock 2008 Rabbit 3 door

so i've wanted to build another MK3 for a few years now and figured i hadn't owned a convertible. For the past 2 weeks i've been searching around for a cabrio. Well this morning with the help of a local friend we found one. Went to look at it, and drove it home.
I will have to post pics tomorrow because it was dark when i got home.
It is a 1996 Classic Green (i think) with tan cloth, automatic and black vinyl top. I originally wanted to find a Jazz Blue but that became too difficult. So i figured if i could save some money, find a local car that had a good body to start with i would do a full color change and something more custom.

I will say I myself am not too mechanically inclined, however i have friends that are. Some of this will be bought and some will be built. My goal isn't to make a stunning show car, but something i have fun with that stands out some when i go to shows. I thought about shaving the engine bay and air ride and both of those will be too expensive for the estimated budget i will have for the car. At a few grand each i'd rather do other things with a more direct impact to the car.

The Plans
VR6 swap
manual transmission swap
Full color change: yet to be known
interior swap to black but redo the seats to compliment the new exterior color
pulled fenders
16" wheels but wide (typical stance stuff)
and maybe a few custom bit and pieces along the way.

There are some great people here in AZ that i know that can help bring this all together and give me some good advice, help, and pricing on things along the way.

So MKIII forum hello again old friend.

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I brought the car to the dealer today. yes i trust the dealer and here is why. I myself sell Audi's for a living and with that comes knowing a lot of great technicians. We also have a VW dealer on campus and they have two great techs there that i trust a lot.

So i finally got to the see the car up on a lift, had an oil change done and hoped i didn't find anything bad underneath...
Here are the first pics

the results were good. no signs of rust or any damage at all. the driver side rocker has some dents from a jack probably but that should be covered with a side skirt eventually.
the only bad parts i was told were the motor and tranny and associated things but they will last me long enough until i do the VR6 and manual swap.
I am really surprised that all of the electrical things work (except cruise), and i just needed two license plate bulbs.

here is a possible color i've chosen (not the best pic)

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I figured you pop up. I thought you were going to do air as well ?:laugh:
no air, and i saved $1000 vs. buying your car. just FYI when you are wanting to sell something, and someone has worthy questions asked, it would help to not be a dick and answer their questions. I seriously thought about your car but because of how you answered your emails that was the reason why i didn't. just don't ever get a job selling things. and /helpful advice of the day :p
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