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Re: My Mk3 Engine is Filthy (t.o.golf3)

check the detailing how to at the top of this thread for further advice , but here is my advice.
1) from a cold start run the engine for about 5 minutes long enough to get it warm to the touch NOT HOT.
2) spray water over the engine to moisten up the dirt and grime already there, then spray your favorite all purpose cleaner mixed at 75% strength on 1/4 of the engine. use brushes,old wash mitts etc to clean parts. then rinse. repeat on the remaining 1/4's of the engine bay.
3) especially stubborn parts can be retreated w/ cleaner and agitated as needed.
4) once engine, jamb, and cowl are complete go to hood. continuing w/ the rinse, soap, agitate theme start at lowest (hinge) end and work up so as not to get wet. avoid any sound deadening materials as they may be damaged by heavy soaking.
5) things to keep in mind are to avoid delicate connections w/ excessive force, avoid soaking electrical components by covering w/ a towel, cleaners that are too strong may stain certain materials if they are put on when too hot, mixed too strong, or left to dry. basically use a healthy dose of common sense.
your engine being relatively newer shouldn't be too horrible unless you've had a fluid leak or something. good luck http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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