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So here's my story..

Recent posts on the MKV forum about the lack of old fashioned build threads and plethora of one liners accompanied by a couple shots (which I am guilty of) got me thinking I would like to do one and keep it updated. Now I know this isn't like the mkIII builds where much of the thread is dedicated to how to's and chop and weld but I think it would be cool to have a semi organized timeline of my pride and joy.

Comments, questions, Share it.

I've only been in the MKV world for a little more then two years. First car was a mkiv Jetta that was short-lived after a run in with a wall of snow and ice. This was replaced with a 03 GLI. In 2008 the GLI started having issues. Naturally when I saw that a new car was in my future the first thing I could think was, NEW, RELIABLE, VW (I realize the later two are antonyms but we can all dream:p) After a year of looking around and saving the 2009 models were released and I had to make the decision GTI / GLI. I opted for the first simply because I wanted some change and a hatch seemed cool.

Now let me go off for a second to explain financing. Most people don't take the time to discuss this but as a 21 year old with a brand new car and a substantial amount of money invested it's something I take pride in, just as much as the car. Contrary to what some would believe the car is mine, and paid for. I was lucky enough at age 14 to find a job in the kitchen that offered not only an above average hourly rate but a chance for growth. By age 16 I was in charge of scheduling and placing orders with food providers. Come college this made me a prime candidate for a job in a kitchen, in the summer. I lucked out and found a job at a beach club in Rhode Island and continued to work. Beacuse of my busy schedual at a young age I didn't have much time to spend and had a nice chunk saved up :thumbup::thumbup: That being said. Downpayment made. a year later, car paid off. :)

Now back to business during the downfall of the GLI I spent time looking at MKV options. I ended up grabbing a 2009 Candy White GTI with the huff and sunroof package. I made an effort to find a CW with a votex kit but the STEELership couldn't find one and I was getting impatient. So I was left with the black lowers (which later would become part of the master plan)

Now I have to confess after issues with my mkiv's with rubbing and all kinds of other issues I planned on keeping my GTI bone stock, reliable and perfect for drives from RI to NY for school.

I realize I'm rambling and this is my first build sorry if I'm doing it wrong but I'll let the pics talk from here..

The day I bought her, brandy new :cool:

Now as I stated above this car was going to be unscathed and kept stock, I mean the minor cosmetic touch up here or there.. but stock none the less.. Until late last year when an opportunity for a set of coils arose.. and who could pass up some low low...

Now, this is where it gets interesting. The coils I purchased were listed as used. Needless to say the seller was being far more then truthful. I got what I payed for. The front struts were a little out of shape and the rears were blown a week after install when I went for an alignment. I put up with the bounce in the rear and the creaks in the front with occasional checkups to be sure nothing was bent, or moving. Felt like I was punishing myself for making a premature purchase. But it was done and I was lower :thumbup: (you try and tell me you've never driven around with a noise in your VW here and there and made and excuse to make it feel better.

After that I had little surge in income and I made some purchases from ECStuning. I had been bitten and this was the begging of the end.

1. Badgeless FK grill
2. R-line Lower Grills
3. Black slotted style lower/center grill

Now I found myself in an all too familiar position. A lowered vw with more money then I would have wanted invested... I told myself I have a little more money laying around..save.. ah F*ck it

The next purchase was a set of 12'' JL W1 subs which barely fit in the trunk and made the car loud (you can bet that was fun with two blown rear struts)

Eventualy the subs have to go.. I needed room.. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS FUN

With the help of some friends (Chris and Eric) and [email protected] I started pressing buttons.

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