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My neuspeed swaybar mount broke

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My front neuspeed swaybar mount broke

Supposed to look like this

But looks like this

Dont know how it broke.
Does neuspeed sell just the mounts?

Modified by jettafire at 8:32 AM 6-29-2003
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Re: My neuspeed swaybar mount broke (jettafire)

Even though the pictures aren't working , I know exactly what you are talking about.... the Nospeed rear clamp set up is garbage, always has been always will.. do your self a favor and order a couple of "lolipop" mounts from autotech to use with your Nospeed bar
Re: My neuspeed swaybar mount broke (Curb Check)

I figured you were talkin bout the front. Mine did the same thing and yes they are available separately...But yer gonna pay. I just took my front bar off (Handles better for the way I drive) I never did bother to check on the cost of a new mount tho.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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