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my new doors

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hey people, well I compete IASCA sound quality and having 8" midbass up front is very nice, so I modded my doors a bit and now they house an 8" Image Dyanmics IDQ 8"
here is the drivers door.
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Re: my new doors (Freestyler_)

you one crazy white boy
Re: my new doors (IamJacks______)

I better see your car winning the SPL competition around here man.
I'm sick of seeing all these Honduhs winning. Makes me sick to the stomach.
Get that project done, and start going to the comps.
Re: my new doors (JettaMkIII)

I compete SOund Quality and not SPL, I am also Ontario's IASCA rep
check it out, http://www.IASCA.com
Re: my new doors (Freestyler_)

How do you judge wheter one SQ system is better than the other one (during competition)...I know in spl they measure the frequency (right).....
Re: my new doors (BL4CK-VR6)

SPL is short form for Sound Pressure Level, it is measured in Decibels or dB's. We use a machine to measure the sound pressure (know as bass competitions)
Sound Quality is judges though objective and subjective judging with the use of judges and machines (called RTA, real time analyzers)
I can go on and on, but I don;t wanna ramble
Re: my new doors (Freestyler_)

You are one SICK puppy!
Good luck at all the competitions!
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